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Odoo Customization: This is How we do it at Pragmatic!

After going through hundreds of Odoo ERP customizations for people across the globe for over a decade now, we thought of taking a moment to break down the anatomy of a typical Odoo customization project at Pragmatic. This is primarily meant for company executives who are weighing the risks and rewards before signing their next Odoo customization software contract.

It is true that not just Odoo customization, but any type of software customization comes loaded with a great deal of risk and uncertainty in the world of business.

Speaking specifically of Odoo Customization, it is very different from purchasing off-the-shelf tools available in the marketplace, in terms of the expectations and resources needed for its execution.

Out-of-the-box is usually used because it is stable, robust, and ready for immediate implementation, however Odoo customization calls for a very different set of logistics: business needs to account for development time and costs, as well as ongoing user feedback, maintenance, and support.

Out of our experience of over a decade, we have seen and heard of big projects that suffered from cost and schedule overruns. Based on our observations, we have seen custom software projects run approximately 66% over budget and suffer a feature shortfall of 17%.

Statistics like these make us behave extra cautiously when executing an Odoo customization project and hence we try to ensure that our Odoo customization process is finely tuned to the needs of a project or an organization and would produce a significant return on investment, in both quality and efficiency of output.

To achieve these types of desired results, assessing the cost-benefit of Odoo customization up front and following through with effective management strategies is absolutely critical.

Odoo Customization: To do or Not to Do?

  • As the client approaches us with his requirements, first we suggest that he looks at our ready apps on the Odoo App Store.
  • We have 75+ apps ready plug and play apps to choose from. If an app is ready and fits his requirements, there is no reason for us to reinvent the wheel of customizing the software.
  • Some of our apps are free and others paid.
  • If the client selects a free app and downloads it, there is no support provided by Pragmatic. However, if you have some good developers available at your behest, you can very well proceed with the free app. We ensure that even our free apps are robust enough to sail through your basic requirements.
  • In case of paid apps, support is provided in case the clients have any doubts with regards to functionalities or usage.
  • It is suggested that you have a look at the star ratings and the number of downloads before you select the app. It is not that the ones that don’t have a stellar star rating or a two or three figure download are not up to the mark, it is just that there is not much demand for it in the market.

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