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How to Simplify Custom Manufacturing Orders with the Fully Customizable Feature of the Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit.

Custom manufacturing orders, while offering higher margins, can quickly become bogged down in complexities.  Imagine managing a plethora of bespoke projects, each with distinct specifications, materials and timelines. The struggle becomes real –  endless spreadsheets, communication gaps and missed deadlines.

A powerful solution exists to streamline your custom manufacturing processes and unleash your full potential.  This secret weapon?  The Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit, coupled with the inherent customizability of the Odoo ERP system.  

Let’s delve into how this ingenious combination empowers you to conquer the complexities of custom manufacturing orders.


The Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit by Pragmatic Techsoft is a game-changer for businesses venturing into the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) domain within the Odoo ecosystem.  

Entrepreneurs can leverage its unique features to create a custom-tailored ERP experience specifically designed for managing intricate custom manufacturing workflows.

Here’s how the Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit simplifies your custom manufacturing journey

1) Effortless Order Management

Say goodbye to the chaos of manual order tracking.  The Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit empowers you to establish a centralized platform for capturing detailed customer specifications, including materials, quantities and deadlines.  This fosters transparency and streamlines communication across your team.

2) Enhanced Configurability

The magic lies in Odoo’s inherent customizability.  The Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit unlocks the full potential of this feature, allowing you to tailor workflows, fields and functionalities to seamlessly align with your specific custom manufacturing needs.  Imagine creating custom fields to capture unique material specifications or automating specific approval processes for different order types.

3) Seamless Integration

The Odoo platform boasts a robust suite of integrated applications.  The Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit facilitates the seamless integration of these applications within your custom ERP solution.  This allows for functionalities like real-time inventory management, automated bill of materials (BOM) generation and efficient production planning – all seamlessly integrated within your custom workflow.

4) Improved Visibility and Control

Gone are the days of scrambling for information.  The Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit provides a centralized dashboard with real-time insights into your custom manufacturing operations.  Track project progress, identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions to optimize your production processes.


But how does the Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit translate its “Fully Customizable Feature” into tangible benefits for managing custom orders?  Here’s a breakdown :

  1. Tailored Workflows for Every Order

Imagine this –  a pre-configured workflow for processing high-precision machined parts, another for handcrafted furniture pieces.  The Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit empowers you to design bespoke workflows for each custom order type.  Capture specific data points, automate approvals for different materials or processes and define custom stages for quality checks unique to each product.  This eliminates the need for generic, one-size-fits-all processes, ensuring each custom order receives the dedicated attention it deserves.

  1. Dynamic Field Creation

Not all custom orders require the same information.  The “Fully Customizable Feature” allows you to create dynamic fields on the fly within the custom order form.  Need to capture specific paint colors for a furniture order or unique metal specifications for a machined component?  No problem!  These dynamic fields can be easily added, ensuring all relevant details are captured for accurate production and efficient communication.

  1. Conditional Logic and Automation

Take customization a step further with conditional logic and automation.  Define specific actions or notifications based on the data entered within the custom order form.  For example, trigger an automatic material requisition email to the purchasing department if a specific material type is selected.  This streamlines processes, minimizes human error and ensures a faster response to customer needs.

  1. Integration with External Design and Engineering Tools 

The “Fully Customizable Feature” extends beyond Odoo.  Integrate the Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit with popular design and engineering software used in your custom manufacturing workflow.  This allows for seamless data exchange between design files, material specifications and the custom order within Odoo.  Imagine automatically populating the custom order form with data extracted from a customer-provided CAD drawing – a true time-saver and potential error eliminator.

The Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit, in conjunction with the power of Odoo customization, offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking to conquer the complexities of custom manufacturing orders.  Embrace efficiency, transparency and control – and watch your custom manufacturing operations soar to new heights.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we are Odoo implementation, customization and deployment specialists.  Our team of seasoned developers possesses in-depth knowledge of the Odoo platform and the Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit.  We can assist you in crafting a bespoke ERP solution specifically designed to simplify and streamline your custom manufacturing workflows.

Ready to Streamline Your Custom Manufacturing Operations?

Contact Pragmatic Techsoft today for a free consultation and discover how the Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit can revolutionize your custom manufacturing journey!


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