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Odoo OpenERP Restaurant Management with Point of Sale

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that we have added another feather to its cap by integrating OpenERP POS with Traditional Restaurant Management Software. We have updated the OpenERP POS to make it suitable to be used in Restaurants.

As a restaurant owner, you know that you can be more successful if you can provide a better experience for your customers and gain greater control over your costs and profits. Our System will help you to do both.
The captain can take orders for a particular table which will automatically be visible at the cook’s station, increasing the speed with which orders can be prepared and decreasing the wasted time of servers walking back and forth to the kitchen. Orders can be entered on the computer, and printed as Kitchen Order Tickets are much more legible than a hand written ticket. Not only are the items prepared more accurately, your servers will always be charging the right amount for every order
Intensive Inventory Management with deep linkages with Restaurant Sale Orders & Accounts module. One can look at all the sales made at the end of the day.
Following are some of the Key features of OpenERP Restaurant Management
With POS module :
1) Provides Better Service
  • Our System will
  • Increase the speed of customer service
  • Increase the accuracy of orders 
  • Improve the quality of your food 
  • Prevent theft
2) Functional Features of System

  •    Table Management software including reservations 
  •    Item Recipe can be maintained in the system 
  •     Side lists, sub lists, cooking instructions etc..
  •   Complete Inventory Management
  •   Easy Table order taking Through Centralized POS
  •   Table Order taking through Hand held Tablet PC
  •   Accurate Billing 
  •      Provision for custom defined Price-list for Festive seasons 
  •      Complete account system and reports

3) Enjoy Higher Profits by 

  •  Know exactlyhow much each dish costs each time you sell it. 
  •  Reduce product waste 
  •  Accurately order the product you will need

Dashboard for OpenERP Restaurant Management

Tables Configurations

Food Items Definitions :

Traditional Way of Table Selection & Table Order Entry :

Table Selection & Table Order Entry With POS

Table Order Through POS :

Payments Through POS

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