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What Makes Odoo 17 POS a Good Fit for Manufacturing Companies Retail Operations?

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Welcome to the world of modern manufacturing, where the factory and the store come together like never before! 

Meet Odoo 17 POS – the super tool that’s changing the game for companies who make and sell products. 

Imagine having a magic wand that knows exactly what’s happening on your factory floor and in your store at the same time. That’s Odoo 17 for you – it’s like having eyes and ears everywhere, making sure you sell the right stuff at the right time. 

Let’s find out how this cool tool is making life easier and business better for manufacturers who also run shops.

Odoo 17 POS: The Big Game Changer

When Factory Meets Shop

Making Manufacturing Meet Retail – Easily!

Odoo 17 POS is not just another system – it’s a revolution! It links your factory to your store, online shop, and even pop-up stalls. This means you can keep track of everything from where your products are made to where they’re sold. It’s like having a smart helper that makes sure your customers always find what they need, when they need it.

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1) Smart Stock Management

No More Guesswork with Inventory

Gone are the days when you had to guess how much stuff you had in your store or factory. Odoo 17 POS lets you see exactly what you have, and where, in real-time. No more overstocking or running out of things. It’s like having a crystal ball for your inventory!

2) Smooth and Smart Selling

Sales and Production in Perfect Harmony

Think of Odoo 17 POS as a conductor of an orchestra, where sales and production are the musicians. It makes sure everyone’s in tune. When a customer buys something, it can tell your factory to start making more. This keeps things moving smoothly, and your customers happy.

3) Making Wise Decisions with Data

Your Guide to Smarter Business Choices

Odoo 17 POS doesn’t just help sell things; it gives you the power of knowledge. You can see what’s popular, what’s not, and figure out how to make your business even better. It’s like having a business advisor that’s always on the job.

Let’s consider this use case for better understanding.

A custom furniture maker struggles with inventory discrepancies and inefficient sales processes. Their online store and factory showroom operate in silos, leading to overstocked raw materials and understocked finished goods. Orders often take weeks to fulfill, frustrating customers and damaging brand reputation.


  1. Implement Odoo 17 POS: They integrate Odoo 17 POS with their online store and showroom, creating a unified sales platform. They connect the POS to their Odoo Manufacturing module for real-time inventory visibility.
  2. Set Up Product Kits : Each custom furniture design is configured as a product kit in Odoo POS, with its specific bill of materials (BOM) linked. Sales orders automatically trigger production workflows.
  3. Optimize Production : Based on real-time sales data, the company optimizes production schedules, prioritizing popular designs and avoiding unnecessary raw material procurement.
  4. Enhance Customer Experience: Customers can now track their orders in real-time, seeing estimated delivery dates based on production progress. This transparency builds trust and reduces order cancellations.


  • Reduced Inventory Costs : The company achieves a 20% reduction in raw material overstocking and a 15% decrease in finished goods understocking.
  • Improved Lead Times : Production lead times are cut by 30%, leading to faster order fulfillment and happier customers.
  • Increased Sales & Profitability: With enhanced operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction, the company experiences a 10% increase in sales and a 15% boost in profitability.

This is just one example of how Odoo 17 POS can revolutionize your manufacturing operations. 

Let Pragmatic Techsoft help you unlock the full potential of your business!

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we’re like wizards with Odoo 17. We’ve helped lots of businesses switch to Odoo 17, making their lives easier and their customers happier. 

We know the tricks to make Odoo 17 work just right for your business, connecting your factory and store in ways you never thought possible.

Your Factory and Store, Better Together : Get in Touch and Transform Your Business

If you’re ready to see your factory and store work together like a dream, talk to us at Pragmatic Techsoft. We’re here to help you make the most of Odoo 17 POS, turning your business into a smooth-running, customer-pleasing machine.

Stay connected with us for more insights on how Odoo 17 can make your manufacturing and retail business soar. There’s always something new and exciting with Odoo 17, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

We Make Your Production Shine

Our special Manufacturing Module works hand-in-hand with Odoo 17 POS. It’s designed to handle everything from planning what to make, to making sure it’s top-quality. It’s like having a super-efficient manager for your whole production process.

Don’t just keep doing things the old way – Let’s Make Your Business Shine

Get in touch with us at Pragmatic Techsoft and let’s use Odoo 17 POS to make your business shine. We’re here to help you join the ranks of smart, successful businesses that have already made the leap.


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