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5 Ways Odoo 17 Quotation Templates Can Set Your Travel Consultancy Apart

Travel consultancies, especially new ventures, need every edge they can get to attract clients and secure bookings. One often-overlooked area that can significantly impact your bottom line is your quotation process.

Traditionally, crafting travel quotations involved a lot of manual work, leading to delays and inconsistencies. But with Odoo 17, travel consultancies can leverage powerful quotation templates to streamline their operations, impress potential clients and ultimately win more business.


1. Professionalism and Efficiency

Imagine sending out a beautifully designed, comprehensive quotation within minutes of a client inquiry.  Odoo 17 quotation templates allow you to pre-design quotations that reflect your brand identity and showcase your professionalism.  

These templates can include your company logo, contact information and pre-defined sections for essential trip details, pricing, terms and conditions. This eliminates the need for manual formatting and ensures consistency across all your quotations.

2. Customization for Every Client

While templates provide a solid foundation, Odoo 17 empowers you to tailor quotations to each client’s specific needs.  You can easily add or remove sections, including custom pricing structures based on travel dates, group sizes or accommodation options.  

This level of customization demonstrates your attentiveness to detail and creates a more personalized experience for potential clients, making them feel valued.

3. Automation Boosts Efficiency

Odoo 17 integrates seamlessly with other modules like CRM, sales, and inventory.  This allows you to automate tasks like populating quotations with client information, pricing based on real-time availability and calculating taxes and fees.  This eliminates manual data entry errors and streamlines your workflow, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on client relationships and business development.

4. Increased Transparency and Trust

A well-structured quotation that clearly outlines all trip inclusions, exclusions and pricing builds trust with potential clients.  Odoo 17 quotation templates allow you to present your offerings in a transparent and easy-to-understand format. 

This transparency fosters trust and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings later in the booking process.

5. Faster Approvals and Conversions

By streamlining the quotation process, Odoo 17 empowers you to send quotations faster, allowing clients to make informed decisions quickly.  Additionally, the professional presentation and clear breakdown of costs can nudge clients towards approving your proposal, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.


According to Business Travel News, a whopping 54% of business travelers say a streamlined booking process, which includes efficient quotations, is crucial for their overall experience. 

This statistic highlights the importance of quotations in influencing travel booking decisions.  By implementing Odoo 17 quotation templates, you can significantly improve your efficiency and responsiveness, directly impacting client satisfaction and booking rates.

Let’s consider a real use case scenario.

Imagine a travel consultancy named “Travel Dreamers” that previously struggled with slow quotation turnaround times and inconsistent formatting. This led to frustrated clients and missed business opportunities. 

After implementing Odoo 17 quotation templates, Travel Dreamers reduced their quotation turnaround time by 60% and improved client satisfaction ratings by 25%.  Odoo 17’s automation features eliminated manual data entry and ensured consistent, professional quotations, allowing Travel Dreamers to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.


Odoo 17 quotation templates offer more than just basic functionalities. Here’s a glimpse of some advanced features that can take your client experience to the next level – 

  • Interactive maps : Embed real-time maps within your quotations, allowing clients to virtually explore their potential destinations.
  • Immersive Images : Showcase stunning visuals of hotels, landmarks, and landscapes, bringing your travel packages to life.
  • Client portal access : Provide clients with a secure online portal to access and review their quotations at their convenience.

These features create a more engaging and informative quotation experience, setting you apart from competitors who rely on generic templates.

Odoo 17 offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities beyond quotations, including CRM, sales, accounting, project management and more.  By implementing a fully integrated Odoo system, you can streamline your entire travel business, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience at every touchpoint.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we are Odoo implementation experts with a proven track record of success in the travel and tourism industry.  We understand the unique challenges faced by travel consultancies and can help you leverage Odoo 17 quotation templates and other functionalities to gain a competitive edge.

Stay tuned to our website and subscribe to our blog for more insights on how Odoo 17 can help you transform your business.  

In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss how Odoo 17 quotation templates and other functionalities can benefit your travel consultancy, get in touch with our odoo experts today!


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