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Are Odoo 17’s New Features Bridging the Global Business Communication Gap?

In a world that’s growing closer through the web, talking across borders is the new normal. But for businesses, this isn’t always a walk in the park. The need for a tool that makes global chatter simpler is real. 

Here comes Odoo 17, like the cool new kid on the block, promising to make these global conversations a breeze. It’s the latest version of a popular software known for helping businesses stay on top of their game. 

Imagine a world where your business talks happen smoothly, no matter the distance or the language. Odoo 17 is dreaming big to turn this into reality. With a sleek new look and features like real-time translation, it’s like having a friendly interpreter ready to jump in, making sure nothing gets lost in translation. 

And it doesn’t stop there. It’s bringing in tools to help teams work together like a well-oiled machine, no matter where they are.

Everyone’s talking about Odoo 17 and the excitement is through the roof. 

As we open the door to Odoo 17’s new features, it feels like stepping into a world with no communication barriers. It’s like Odoo 17 is rolling out the red carpet, inviting businesses for a grand global conversation. The question is, are you?

1. Fresh User Interface

Odoo 17 brings a fresh face with a modern, user-friendly design, making it easy for anyone to use, no matter where they are​.

2. Night Owl Friendly – Dark Mode

For those burning the midnight oil, Odoo 17’s Dark Mode is a treat, reducing eye strain and adding a classy touch to the work interface​.

3. Remote Work Settings

Tailor work settings for each team member no matter where they are. A big thumbs up for teams spread across the globe​.

4. Chat Easy with WhatsApp Integration

Stay connected with your team and clients on WhatsApp right from Odoo 17, making chats and updates quick and easy​.

5. Quick Mobile Orders and Payments 

Serve your customers fast and easy with mobile ordering and payment options, a great fit for on-the-go customers​​.

6. Kitchen Buzz with Real-Time Order Display 

In restaurants, see orders pop up in real-time in the kitchen, making order prep a breeze and keeping everyone in sync​​.

7. Spot On Appointment Management

Book and manage space reservations efficiently. Ideal for hotels and meeting venues to keep bookings smooth and easy​​.

8. Find It Fast with Improved Search

Get to the information you need quicker with the enhanced search feature, a big help for global teams​​.

9. More Friends on Board with Third-party Integrations

Connect with more apps and tools in Odoo 17, opening up more ways to talk and work together​​.

10. Real-Time Translation

Translate text or documents in a click into over 100 languages. A game-changer for businesses with global partners and customers.


With real-time translation, video meetings and more, talking and working with people around the world is simpler and smarter.

Thinking of stepping up to Odoo 17? Let Pragmatic Techsoft guide you. With a team of Odoo experts, make your move to Odoo 17 smooth and worry-free.

There’s more to explore in Odoo 17. Keep an eye on our blog for more insights on how Odoo 17 is changing the global business conversation.


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