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Can a confident sales approach with Odoo overcome client doubts?

Building client confidence is crucial for any sales strategy. 

In today’s competitive market, it is essential to have a robust and reliable system that can help you close deals efficiently. 

Odoo, an open-source ERP, offers a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) module that can significantly enhance your sales approach. 

Studies by LeadGenius show that 73% of B2B buyers reported feeling a lack of trust from salespeople in 2023. This highlights the crucial role clear communication and genuine understanding play in the sales process.

In this blog, we will explore how a confident sales approach with Odoo can overcome client doubts and help you achieve your business goals.


Odoo CRM is designed to streamline your sales process, providing you with a centralized platform to manage your interactions with clients. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Odoo CRM can help you build strong relationships with your clients, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue. Here are some key benefits of using Odoo CRM :

1) Streamlined Sales Process

Odoo CRM allows you to automate and organize your sales process, ensuring that every interaction with a client is tracked and recorded. This helps you stay on top of your sales pipeline and make data-driven decisions to close deals efficiently.

2) Personalized Client Engagement

Odoo CRM enables you to personalize your client engagement by tracking their preferences, interests, and interactions. This helps you tailor your sales approach to each client, increasing the chances of closing deals.

3) Real-time Insights

Odoo CRM provides real-time insights into your sales performance, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your sales strategy accordingly. This helps you stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions.


Client doubts are a common obstacle in the sales process. However, with Odoo CRM, you can overcome these doubts by providing personalized and data-driven solutions. 

  1. Active Listening & Addressing Concerns : Odoo allows you to track all past interactions and client communication within the CRM. This empowers your sales team to actively listen to client concerns and address them directly, demonstrating a genuine understanding of their needs.
  2. Data-Driven Presentations : Leverage Odoo’s reporting capabilities to create data-driven presentations that showcase the positive impact your product or service has had on similar clients. This builds trust and establishes credibility, making your value proposition more compelling.
  3. Collaborative Opportunities Management : Odoo fosters collaboration between sales and other departments (e.g., customer support, marketing). This ensures everyone is aligned on client needs, allowing your team to present a unified and confident front during sales interactions.

Odoo 17 offers several features and enhancements that can also significantly improve client confidence. Here are some key improvements.

1) Streamlined sales process

Odoo 17’s Sales apps introduce notable enhancements, including a quotation builder that allows users to craft personalized quotations with images, product descriptions, tailored messages and terms and conditions. This feature helps build trust with clients by providing detailed and transparent information about the products and services being offered.

2) Improved inventory management

Odoo 17’s Inventory module offers enhanced features for managing inventory, including a replenishment process that consolidates essential data, such as component status and reordering options. This helps clients stay informed about the availability of products and services, fostering trust and confidence in the business.

3) Enhanced customer engagement

Odoo 17’s Customer Accounts feature enables seamless registration and login processes, allowing customers to access their accounts and manage their preferences. This transparency fosters trust and confidence in the brand by providing customers with a sense of control and personalized experiences.

4) Data-driven insights

Odoo 17 provides comprehensive analytics and insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history. This data-driven approach enables businesses to optimize marketing strategies, product offerings, and user experiences, ultimately leading to increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

5) Improved communication

Odoo 17’s Sales and Inventory modules offer enhanced communication features, including SMS notifications for customers and the ability to consolidate billing for multiple orders. This streamlined communication helps build trust by ensuring that clients are kept informed about their orders and transactions.

6) Automation & efficiency

Odoo 17’s automation features, such as the website scraper and the Shop Floor app, enhance efficiency and reduce manual efforts. This automation helps build client confidence by ensuring that tasks are completed accurately and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.

7) Security & compliance

Odoo 17’s robust security features, such as the Cookies Bar for compliance and user transparency, ensure that customer data is protected and secure. This compliance helps build trust by demonstrating a commitment to data security and transparency.

By leveraging these features and enhancements, businesses can significantly improve client confidence and build strong, lasting relationships with their customers.

A confident sales approach with Odoo CRM can significantly help you overcome client doubts and achieve your business goals. 

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we specialize in Odoo solutions, including implementation, migration, customization, deployment, support and training. If you are looking to enhance your sales approach with Odoo CRM, feel free to connect with our team to learn more about our services.

Stay tuned to our blogs for more insights on the ever evolving world of Odoo & its smart solutions!


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