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Can integrating Google Calendar with Odoo help your Cafe host better Live Events?

Is your cafe struggling to fill seats and create a buzz?  

Live events can be a powerful tool to attract new customers, boost revenue and foster a thriving community around your brand. But managing event logistics, bookings, and communication can quickly become overwhelming.

The powerful duo of Odoo ERP and Google Calendar integration is a game changing combination which can streamline your event hosting process, elevate the customer experience and turn your cafe into a destination for unforgettable live events.

Turn up the volume on your cafe’s event scene and keep reading to discover how Odoo and Google Calendar can become your secret weapon for event hosting success!


Odoo ERP isn’t just another business management software; it’s a comprehensive symphony that orchestrates various aspects of your cafe’s operations. 

Here’s how Odoo 17’s event management features can elevate your cafe’s live events –

1) Compose Captivating Event Pages 

Craft detailed descriptions that entice potential attendees. Include high-quality visuals, highlight performers or speakers and clearly outline the event schedule and offerings – all within the user-friendly Odoo interface.

2) Ticketing Made Easy

Set up various ticket tiers with different prices and capacities. Odoo ERP allows you to manage online registrations, track RSVPs and even generate QR codes for seamless event entry.

3) Inventory Management in Harmony

Never get caught short-handed again. Odoo lets you track your cafe’s inventory for food, beverages and any event-specific supplies. Generate automatic purchase orders to ensure you’re well-stocked for the big day. 

4) Cultivate Customer Relationships

Leverage Odoo’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities to segment your customer base and send targeted email campaigns promoting upcoming events. You can even track customer preferences and tailor the event experience for a personalized touch. 

5) Financial Management Like a Virtuoso

Odoo allows you to meticulously track event-related expenses (staffing, supplies, marketing) and income (ticket sales, merchandise). Generate detailed reports to analyze event profitability and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions for future events. 


While Odoo ERP offers a robust event management platform, integrating it with Google Calendar takes your cafe’s event hosting capabilities to the next level. 

Here’s how this dynamic duo creates a symphony of success :

1) Synchronized Schedules

Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts! Events created in Odoo automatically populate your Google Calendar, ensuring staff and attendees have a clear and consistent view of the event schedule. No more double-bookings or confusion.

2) Team Collaboration in Perfect Pitch

Share the event calendar with relevant staff members (cooks, bartenders, wait staff) through Google Calendar. This facilitates seamless team collaboration and task delegation. Everyone on your team is on the same page, ensuring a smooth and successful event.

3) Enhanced Customer Experience

Empower attendees to seamlessly add your cafe’s live events to their personal Google Calendars directly from your Odoo event registration page. This eliminates the risk of missed events and keeps them informed about important updates or schedule changes.

According to a recent study by Eventbrite, 68% of event attendees are more likely to register for an event if they can easily add it to their calendar.  By integrating Odoo and Google Calendar, you’re making it easier than ever for attendees to join the party at your cafe.

Now that you’ve grasped the power of Odoo ERP and Google Calendar working in unison, let’s explore some practical steps to get you started

1. Setting the Stage : Odoo ERP Event Configuration

  • Access the Events App : Within your Odoo ERP dashboard, navigate to the “Events” application. Here, you can create new events, manage existing ones and track their progress.
  • Craft a Compelling Event Description : Think of this as your event’s invitation. Include a captivating title, a detailed description that highlights the event’s purpose and activities and high-quality visuals to pique attendees’ interest.
  • Ticketing Tailored to Your Needs : Odoo ERP allows you to configure various ticketing options. Set up free or paid events, create different ticket tiers with varying prices and benefits and define capacity limits to avoid overcrowding.
  • Registration Symphony : Designate a registration form within the event page. Capture attendee information such as names, contact details, and any dietary restrictions (for food-related events). Odoo streamlines the registration process, allowing attendees to sign up seamlessly.

2.  Connecting the Dots : Integrating Odoo with Google Calendar

  • Integration Power : Within your Odoo ERP settings, locate the “Integrations” section. Here, you’ll find options to connect various external applications, including Google Calendar. Follow the on-screen instructions to establish a seamless connection.
  • Calendar Collaboration : Once integrated, events created within Odoo will automatically populate your designated Google Calendar. This ensures consistency and eliminates the risk of scheduling conflicts. Share the calendar with relevant staff members, keeping everyone informed and aligned.

3.  Spreading the Word: Marketing Your Cafe’s Live Events

  • Leverage Odoo’s Marketing Tools : Don’t just create an event; shout it from the rooftops (virtually, of course)! Odoo offers built-in marketing functionalities. Craft email campaigns promoting your events and target them to specific customer segments based on their preferences.
  • Social Media Synergy : Promote your cafe’s live events across your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Share captivating visuals, highlight performers or speakers and use relevant hashtags to increase discoverability.

4.  Curtain Call – Analyzing Event Performance

  • Leverage Odoo’s Reporting Features : Once your event concludes, Odoo’s reporting functionalities come into play. Analyze key metrics such as attendance numbers, ticket sales and customer feedback. This data provides valuable insights to help you refine your event strategy for future success.

By implementing these steps and leveraging the expertise of Pragmatic Techsoft, your cafe can transform live event hosting from a chaotic performance to a well-orchestrated masterpiece.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we’re a team of Odoo implementation and development specialists passionate about helping cafes like yours thrive. We have extensive experience in tailoring Odoo solutions to meet the unique needs of the cafe industry.  

Contact our team today for a free consultation and discover how we can help you seamlessly integrate Odoo ERP with Google Calendar.  

Don’t forget to explore Odoo Project Tasks and Google Calendar Integration by Pragmatic Techsoft – A powerful solution for managing event-related tasks and keeping your team on the same page. 

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for more insights on how Odoo 17 can help your cafe thrive in the competitive landscape.


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