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Can Odoo help a multi-national manufacturing company with complex supply chains improve its efficiency in 2024?

As we navigate through 2024, the global manufacturing sector continues to face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The complexity of supply chains, coupled with the need for agility and resilience, has never been more critical. 

In this evolving landscape, Odoo boasts of innovation and efficiency, particularly for multi-national manufacturing companies.

This blog explores how Odoo, with its latest iteration, Odoo 17, is poised to revolutionize supply chain management and manufacturing operations.


Odoo 17 offers a comprehensive platform that integrates all facets of supply chain management, from procurement and inventory to manufacturing and distribution. 

This integration provides unparalleled real-time visibility, enabling manufacturers to make informed decisions swiftly. For example, in the face of raw material shortages, Odoo allows for immediate identification of alternative suppliers and adjustment of production plans, ensuring operational continuity.


The automation capabilities of Odoo 17 streamline procurement processes, reducing manual tasks and focusing on strategic sourcing. Its advanced inventory management tools, powered by AI, enable precise stock level optimization, reducing holding costs and preventing stockouts. 

This is in line with the growing trend among manufacturers to invest in sophisticated inventory solutions, as highlighted by a recent Gartner report.


Odoo 17 enhances collaboration across the supply chain by providing a unified platform for real-time information sharing. This ensures that all stakeholders, from internal teams to external partners, are aligned, facilitating smoother operations and stronger partnerships.


The resilience of supply chains is paramount in today’s volatile market. Odoo 17 addresses this through features that promote diversification, demand forecasting and risk management, thereby enhancing the ability to withstand disruptions.

Let’s explore specific scenarios where Odoo 17’s functionalities make a tangible impact :

1) Optimizing Production Planning : Odoo 17’s finite scheduling considers various factors such as machine capacity and material availability, ensuring realistic and efficient production schedules. This leads to significant reductions in lead times and improvements in delivery performance.

2) Mitigating Stock Outs with Multi-Warehouse Management : The centralized inventory view across multiple warehouses enables effective stock level management, reducing inventory costs and minimizing stockouts.

3) Enhancing Quality Control : The non-conformity management feature in Odoo 17 streamlines quality control processes, reducing rework costs and enhancing product quality, which is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction.

In 2024, Odoo 17 stands out as a pivotal solution for multi-national manufacturing companies facing complex supply chain challenges. Its comprehensive features, from enhanced visibility and control to advanced inventory management and quality control, provide the tools necessary for these companies to thrive in a competitive and dynamic environment.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we specialize in leveraging Odoo’s capabilities to optimize manufacturing operations. Our expertise in Odoo supply chain management solutions ensures that our clients can harness the full potential of Odoo 17 to enhance their supply chain visibility, efficiency and resilience.

Stay connected with Pragmatic Techsoft for more insights into leveraging Odoo 17 for your manufacturing and supply chain needs. 

For a personalized consultation on how Odoo can transform your operations, reach out to our team. 

Together, let’s navigate the complexities of the global manufacturing landscape with Odoo’s innovative solutions.


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