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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with useful Reports In OpenERP

A fully integrated Customer Relationship Management System module for OpenERP CRM is developed for fulfilling the CRM and Sales business management needs of the  Medium & Large industry. It is well Integrated & useful feature which makes effective running of the CRM & Sales  business functionality.

OpenERP Customized CRM and Sales Reports Module Focuses on Opportunity, Meetings ( Meetings in Calendar view) , Multiple user Hierarchy and Sales reports which  provides support to Executives. System participate users with user hierarchy and as per departments with access rights functionality. System creates useful reports which assists to the various departments, such as: sales and customers, operations and administration.
Users are separated in groups Verticals and Horizontals, in which we can add projects or product for particular user so that only assigned group of users can view or access related functionality.
This system focused on reports which provides information for Top Management  and Sales operations and helps to analyzed details quickly. System Generate reports for users as per required Sales stage, city , region, Sales person, Timely Sales pipeline details as per city, region and work duration.
Sales CRM with Reports Screencast:

Key Features of OpenERP Customised CRM & Sales Reports Module

  • Opportunity with all important information like Opportunity Category, Sub Category, Customer, Sales Horizontal, Sales Vertical,     Opportunity Stage , Expected Revenue, Probability , Expected Closing Date, Sales Team, Opportunity Contact , Business Partner etc.
  • Opportunity history helps to refer and store previous action on opportunity in opportunity history.
  • Meetings in Calendar view which helps to view meetings details quickly on calendar itself.
  • User Hierarchy and assign access rights to users and groups.
  • For Medium & Large organization OpenERP customized system helps to Manage team and group access to process & information.
  • Reports
    • National Sales Pipeline
    • Leads Analysis
    • Office Pipeline At Glance
    • Value Wise Distribution Of Leads (National)
    • Value Wise Distribution Of Leads (Regional/City)
    • 100 Days Program Achievement
    • Average Lead Closure Time
    • Targets and Averages Analysis
    • Sales Pipeline developing over weeks(Region/City)
    • Ratio of Stages
    • National Sales Pipeline-Fortnight
    • Movement Across The Sales Funnel(Region/City)
    • Sales Person Meetings
    • Clients Received Proposals
    • Inquiries based on Sales Stages
    • Exhaustive Report on Clients
    • Daily Sales Call Update Yesterday
    • Daily Sales Call Update Today or Tomorrow
    • Salesman Sales Call
    • Inquiries Call Aging
  • Reports Features
    • Reports which provides details of Inquiries based on Sales Stages.
    • Opportunity reports which helps to track opportunities as per Number of opportunity and value of opportunity.
    • Gathered data about Sales Pipeline Details as per Stage and region.
    • Movement Across The Sales Funnel (Region/City) Report.
    • Internal Reports which useful for Internal Management and Sales operations.
    • Sale Persons Meeting Report.
    • Clients Received Proposals Reports.
    • Exhaustive Report on Clients Provide details of Customer Contact and Total Business closed for Individual client with details about Sales person closed the order.
    • Daily sales call Update reports.
    • Salesman sales call reports.

Screenshots and Description

Meetings Details: We can view & create Meetings and meetings history for user in Calendar view.

(click on the image for full preview)

Reports :

We have created Number of Reports and dashboards which are useful for Users and Executive Team, Below provided are some key reports.
1.Natioinal Sales Pipeline: This provides details of sales funnel and movement within sales. Breakup of the sales funnel across different stages with won and lost leads.

(click on the image for full preview)

2. Lead Analysis –  Focus on Number of Leads and Value of Leads as per region or city. Provides Lead details as per selected region or cities.
(click on the image for full preview)

3.100 Days Program Achievement – This report provides the details about the targets achieved across the past 100 days ( ie. 15 weeks) as a total and broken across important cities.
(click on the image for full preview)

4.Value wise distribution of Leads – This report provides Value wise detail about Lead in each stages with values in three categories less than 1 Crore , 1 and 5 Crore and greater than 5 Crore and Total in each stage.
(click on the image for full preview)

5.Movement across the Sales funnel ( for each region / city) – Each Lead is Analysed in detail here on value and movement. Focus is on each individual lead.
(click on the image for full preview)

6.Daily Sales call Details – This report provides daily sales call detail with Salesperson Name, Customer Name , Quoted Value, Current Action and Next Action .
(click on the image for full preview)

7.Exhaustive Report on clients – This report provides list of all interactions with a particular client including history of all inquiries, Sales people who have interacted with clients and breckup of total business done with consumer.
(click on the image for full preview)

8.Inquiries Based on Sales Stage – Provide details of all inquiries with histories that fall in that sales stage. Focus is on Inquiries for closure or on inquiries that need a proposal to be sent to it.
(click on the image for full preview)

Above Report provides Inquiry Number, Customer Name, Quoted value, Salesman Name, Action taken , Action taken Date, Next action, Next action Date , Updation Date and Remark.

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