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Odoo Delivery Control System

Delivery Control System

Delivery Control system/panel is used to monitor orders placed by the restaurant as well as the call center. The delivery control will provide a concise and precise view of the order thereby enabling quick status check of the order and any communication regarding the order to the customer.

The Delivery Control module consists of two screens –

Screen with complete list – Which consist of all the orders

Detail screen – Which will provide complete information of a selected order for tracking and monitoring purposes.

Once the order is placed in restaurant through website or by call center agent, it creates sales order in a backend and will also appear on delivery control screen.


Sales Order Screen

Here you will find sales order and its stage. There different stages like Order placed, preparation, bake, etc.

When the order is received at restaurant, the order will be in “Order Placed” stage. And whatever stage is there in the backend, the same stage will get reflected on delivery control system/panel.

As mentioned, delivery control system has two screens, those are as follows.

1) Delivery Control List view

This is the list view of the orders which will be controlled by the delivery manager / user.

Here user will find all orders and its details like customer name, address, delivery type, Order comes from, Payment status, Order status/stage, etc. Also you will find here Action column where below buttons are available:-

Assign Driver

Collect Payment

New Message

Issue Details


Whenever the order stage will change in the backend, the same status will get reflected on this screen. Once the order is in ready stage, the Assign Driver button will get enabled here and delivery manager / user can assign driver to this order.

When driver has some issue he/she will raise using their mobile app and delivery manager / user will get notification under Issue Detail in action column.


2) Delivery Control Detailed view

When delivery manager / user clicks on any order, user will see the detailed information about the order.

Above form shows the map with Driver and customer location and route. So the delivery manager / user can monitor the current location of the driver. This form also show the following information –


Order details – like product name and quantity.

Payment details – Paid or Unpaid

Order status – like Assigned Driver, Delivered, etc.

Massage – message communication between driver and delivery control manager / user.


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