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Get 20% increase in profitability by overcoming these challenges

Are you facing these eCommerce challenges? Get these resolved

A recent Statista report showed that eCommerce sales had touched USD $3.53 trillion worldwide and is expected to reach $6.54 trillion. However, the challenges in running a successful eCommerce venture have also intensified with this growing opportunity.

It is no longer as simple as it was a few years back for operating your own online retail business. Today’s business landscape presents a lot of challenges. Are you aware of these challenges and know how to overcome them? If not, then this post is just for you.


Challenge#1 – Finding the best fit product for the best fit market

Market places like AliExpress have made it easy for new sellers to get access to cheap producers of goods and sell them online. You need to ascertain your ideal customer to create a meaningful difference in this competitive space.

You can do this by running Facebook ad campaigns to different audience segments. When you finally do make a sale, try to understand all about these buyers so that you can personalize the product and refine it further.


Challenge#2 – Hooking the attention of the ideal customer

Remember that not all customers would visit all types of eCommerce stores. Also, product discovery happens in different ways as below

  1. Using Amazon, along with Google to discover new types and verities of products and sellers.
  2. Using smartphones to get recommendations from friends and family in their network
  3. Using multiple payment options to complete the buying process

Retail business owners see that the shopper can abandon the cart at any point in time. Hence, he should ensure that he is keeping their attention level high and engaging them well enough to let them complete the sale.


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