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Google Spreadsheet Integration with Odoo v10

Requirements :

GMAIL(Service Account)


Steps for creating Gmail Service Account:

Google Service Account allows odoo to connect with gmail and interact with spreadsheet and google drive API


Step 1 : Go to link :


Step 2 : Click on project dropdown to create a new project



Click on create button



Search Google Sheets API and click on Enable button


Similarly enable google drive API by clicking enable button.


Step 3 : Creating Credentials

Click on create credentials button


Click on ‘What credentials do I need’ button, After selecting dropdown selections as shown in above image.


After Selecting above Selections click on continue button.


A .json(extension) file gets downloaded, You need to copy this file, rename it to client_secret.json and add to /home directory of server. (This file is generated only once, hence if deleted accidentally will require process to be repeated again for creating credentials)


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