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How Can Advanced POS Alerts Prevent Sales of Out-of-Stock Items?

It’s out of stock! Again! Once again! This isn’t the first time this has happened and the frustration is real. 

An often-encountered customer pain point that can negatively impact your brand image.

Advanced POS systems like Odoo 17, a Point-of-Sale system has some pretty cool features for both retailers and shoppers alike. It can be your secret weapon for a smoother shopping experience, ensuring your customers never leave empty-handed again.

Here’s how it can prevent those frustrating out-of-stock situations :

1) Real-time Inventory Tracking : Odoo 17 POS integrates seamlessly with all your stock data, providing a real-time view of what’s available at any given moment. This means no more empty shelves and disappointed customers.

2) Configurable Stock Alerts :  Let’s say a product our customer is interested in is nearing its last few units. With Odoo 17 POS, retailers can set up customizable alerts for low stock levels. These alerts can be visual notifications on the screen, pop-up messages or even sound alerts – anything that catches the cashier’s eye before it’s too late.

3) Preventing the “Out of Stock” Saga : Equipped with real-time data and alerts, cashiers are empowered to proactively inform me about alternative options or even take backorders if the item is truly out of stock. This way, they don’t walk out or leave the online platform empty-handed and the retailer avoids a lost sale. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Luckily, configuring these advanced POS alerts in Odoo 17 are quite user-friendly. Here’s a quick glimpse :

Step-by-step guide on configuring advanced POS alerts in Odoo 17

  1. Navigate to the Odoo 17 Back-end : Log in to your Odoo 17 database and access the back-end interface.
  2. Go to the Inventory Management Module : Locate the “Inventory” module and click on it.
  3. Configure Products : Select the desired product(s) and access their edit screen.
  4. Set Minimum Stock Levels : Locate the “Minimum Stock” field and define the threshold at which you want to receive alerts.
  5. Configure Alerts : Within the product settings, navigate to the “Alerts” section. Here, you can choose the type of alert (visual, pop-up, sound) you prefer to receive when stock reaches the minimum level.
  6. Save Changes : Once configured, click the “Save” button to apply the settings for the selected product(s).

These simple steps allow you to leverage Odoo 17’s advanced POS alerting functionalities to streamline your inventory management and enhance your customer experience.

While advanced POS alerts are a game-changer, Odoo 17 offers a treasure trove of additional features to empower your inventory management. 

Let’s explore these functionalities :

1. Data-Driven Decisions with Inventory Reporting

Gain real-time insights into stock levels across locations.

Identify popular items and seasonal sales trends.

Track product movement for improved inventory flow.

Analyze reports to predict demand, optimize stock and prevent out-of-stocks.

2. Streamlined Supply Chain with Purchase Management

Automate purchase orders based on stock levels and sales data.

Manage vendors, pricing agreements and order history within the system.

Track purchase order status and receive delivery notifications.

Ensure the right products are in stock at the right time for optimal efficiency.

3. Enhanced Efficiency with Barcode Scanning

Streamline checkout with faster and accurate product identification.

Eliminate manual data entry errors for precise inventory tracking.

Conduct real-time inventory checks using barcode scanners.

Boost efficiency with faster transactions, reduced errors and improved control.

The potential of Odoo 17 POS is exciting. 

No more last-minute scrambles or empty-handed exits. This technology is a game-changer for both retailers and shoppers. It promotes a smoother shopping experience and ensures everyone gets what they need.

Want to learn more about how Odoo 17 POS can revolutionize your inventory management? The experts at Pragmatic Techsoft are here to help. 

Connect with our team today to discuss how Odoo 17 can streamline your operations and keep your customers satisfied.


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