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How Can Odoo 17 Help in Efficient Project Management for Custom Manufacturing Orders?

odoo latest version

Do you often feel like your custom manufacturing projects are a rollercoaster between brilliance and disaster? You’re in good company. Handling unique orders and complex materials often feels like an impossible juggling act. 

Odoo 17, the multi-functional hero of ERP systems, is here to streamline your workflow and transform chaos into a well-oiled machine.

Odoo 17 gives you a bird’s-eye view of your projects, from the first client chat to the final masterpiece. Forget about the days of losing track of materials or last-minute supplier calls. 

With Odoo 17, you get a detailed map of your manufacturing journey, making sure you never miss a beat.

Odoo 17’s project management features are like a GPS for your manufacturing journey, guiding you with :

odoo latest version

1) Kanban Boards – Your Project Compass 

Imagine a tool that turns your complex workflow into a neat, easy-to-follow roadmap. That’s what Odoo 17’s Kanban boards do. They let you see your tasks in an organized fashion, prioritize them, and adapt as things change. It’s like having a personal guide for your project’s journey.

2) Streamlined Task Management : Who’s Doing What? 

Assign tasks, set deadlines and watch the progress unfold in real time. Odoo 17 eliminates the guesswork of who’s working on what. It’s like having a clear, concise checklist for your entire team, making sure everyone is on track and accountable.

3) Collaborate Like Never Before

With Odoo 17, your team stays connected. Share documents, chat and keep notes all in one place. It’s about breaking down barriers and ensuring everyone sings from the same song sheet, boosting team harmony and efficiency.

4) Never Run Out of Materials Again 

Imagine a tool that alerts you before you run low on essential materials. Odoo 17 does just that. It integrates with your inventory, alerts you when supplies are low, and even helps reorder them. It’s like having a guardian angel for your supplies.

5) Insights at Your Fingertips 

Get a snapshot of your project’s health anytime. Odoo 17’s reporting tools offer insights into profitability, resource usage, and team performance. It’s about making smart, data-driven decisions to elevate your manufacturing game.

6) Extending the Efficiency Beyond Your Workshop

Odoo 17 doesn’t just streamline your internal processes; it transforms how you interact with clients and suppliers.

7) Client Communication – Building Trust through Transparency 

Keep your clients in the loop with regular updates and shared timelines. Odoo 17 helps maintain transparency, fostering trust and encouraging repeat business.

8) Supplier Collaboration Made Easy 

Share your project needs and schedules directly with suppliers through Odoo 17. This means fewer mix-ups and smoother operations, leading to stronger partnerships and a seamless production process.


Your manufacturing process becomes more efficient, costs go down, deliveries speed up, clients are happier and your team feels empowered. It’s about switching from crisis management to building a flourishing custom manufacturing business.

Let’s look at this Use Case for better understanding:

Situation : Meditech, a medical device company, struggled with chaotic project management, missing deadlines and disorganized processes while developing a revolutionary prosthetic limb.

Solution : Adoption of Odoo 17, a comprehensive project management tool.

Implementation :

Transitioned to a Kanban board system in Odoo 17 for clear task organization.

Integrated all stages of development, from material testing to clinical trials.

Enabled real-time collaboration and efficient workflow among different departments.

External Impact :

Improved patient engagement and satisfaction through regular updates and involvement in the prosthetic design process.

Smoother collaboration with suppliers, leading to timely deliveries and precise specifications.

Outcome :

Successful, timely and budget-compliant launch of the prosthetic limb.

Meditech emerged as an industry leader, with a reputation for efficiency and innovation.

Odoo 17 transformed Meditech’s operations, leading to streamlined processes, enhanced team collaboration, and improved client and supplier relationships, ultimately contributing to the successful launch of a life-changing medical device.

Pragmatic Techsoft will help you use the full power of Odoo 17. We know a lot about Odoo 17. We’re not just fans of it. 

We’ve guided numerous manufacturers in harnessing the power of Odoo 17 for their businesses. From upgrading to the latest version to tailoring it to fit your needs, we’re here to make your team Odoo pros.

Don’t miss our Manufacturing Module, packed with features to streamline your production floor. It’s the ideal addition to your Odoo 17 project management toolkit.

Keep an eye out for our blogs for more tips on how Odoo 17 can revolutionize your custom manufacturing operations. 

Ready to transform your manufacturing chaos into a model of efficiency? 

Contact our Odoo specialists today for a tailored consultation and let’s create a solution as unique as your products.

Let’s embark on this amazing journey together!


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