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How Can Odoo 17’s Revamped Project Management Module Accelerate Electric Vehicle Development?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are cruising ahead, with predictions hitting 21.5 million global sales by 2025. The surge is propelled by green consciousness, favorable policies and the plummeting costs of batteries.

Yet, engineering the future of transportation is no small feat—it demands a symphony of precision, where numerous teams and processes converge seamlessly. That’s where the finesse of Odoo 17’s open source project management software plays a pivotal role.

Odoo 17 isn’t just software; it’s the nerve center for orchestrating EV development’s complex symphony. It’s a system designed to supercharge efficiency and drive projects to the finish line with an array of features geared for the EV terrain: task and resource management, risk mitigation and insightful reporting.

This post shifts gears to reveal how Odoo 17 turbocharges the EV manufacturing process, with real-world examples from industry trailblazers like Tesla and Rivian.

Buckle up for a ride into the future of EV development with Odoo 17.


  • TASK MANAGEMENT – The Building Blocks of EV Development

Odoo 17 comes fully equipped to keep the development engine humming smoothly. With its task management capabilities, EV companies can maintain a centralized task hub, ensuring that every component of the vehicle’s development is meticulously tracked and managed.

This centralization is critical for spotting and smoothing out any project speed bumps along the way.

  • RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – Fueling Projects with the Right Talent

Resource allocation is critical, particularly in a talent-hungry industry like EVs.

Odoo 17’s resource management feature empowers teams to match the right skills with specific tasks, optimizing the use of human and material resources to keep development energized and efficient.

  • RISK MANAGEMENT – Navigating the EV Landscape Safely

In the trailblazing path of EVs, Odoo 17’s risk management tools act as the headlights, illuminating potential hazards and enabling manufacturers to steer clear of technological and regulatory pitfalls, ensuring a safer, more assured route to market release.

  • REPORTING – The Dashboard for Project Insights

Odoo 17’s reporting features are the dashboard gauges for EV development projects, offering real-time updates and analytics that inform better decision-making and highlight opportunities for performance tuning and process optimization.


  • Creating a Roadmap for Each EV Model

Odoo 17 excels in plotting detailed project roadmaps for each EV model, laying out the complete journey from concept to customer. Every task, every deadline and every allocation is plotted with clarity, ensuring a smooth ride through the development process.

  • Breaking Down Complex Projects into Manageable Tasks

EV projects are complex machines, but with Odoo 17, they can be deconstructed into smaller, manageable tasks. This breakdown streamlines management and enhances the visibility of each project phase, driving efficiency and clarity.

  • Assigning the Right Crew to the Right Task

Odoo 17’s assignment feature is about putting the best driver for each leg of the race, ensuring that tasks are in the hands of those best equipped to handle them, pushing the EV project towards its goal with precision and skill.

  • Keeping Projects on the Fast Track

With deadline tracking embedded in Odoo 17, EV manufacturers can wave the checkered flag for projects on time, keeping the entire development process in the fast lane and on schedule.

  • Monitoring Progress with a Hawk’s Eye

Odoo 17’s tracking tools are the hawk’s eye for project managers, offering a panoramic view of progress, identifying any project roadblocks, and allowing for real-time course corrections to keep the EV development engine running at full throttle.

  • Managing Risks to Avoid Pit Stops

By foreseeing risks and providing mitigation strategies, Odoo 17 ensures that EV development drives past potential delays and cost overruns, avoiding unnecessary ‘pit stops’ and ensuring a smoother ride to market readiness.

  • Generating Reports to Keep Stakeholders Informed

Through its comprehensive reporting capabilities, Odoo 17 keeps all stakeholders in the loop with detailed updates, performance metrics, and projections that paint a clear picture of the project’s status.

REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS- EV Pioneers with Odoo at the Helm

Tesla, Rivian  and BYD : Pioneering with Precision

The EV giants—Tesla, Rivian and BYD—are harnessing Odoo 17’s potential to manage intricate development processes. From tracking tasks to optimizing resource distribution and smoothing out supplier communications, Odoo 17 is the platform fueling their race to innovation.

Integrating project management with the manufacturing module through Odoo’s PLM system, engineering change orders (ECOs) are efficiently managed and communicated, ensuring all stakeholders are abreast of the latest developments.

This integration ensures that the EV development project is adaptive and responsive to manufacturing insights and design changes.

Having a Manufacturing and Project Management Module is the dynamo in the engine room of EV manufacturing, streamlining the pathway from conception to creation. With its robust features and intelligent design, it offers EV manufacturers a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

If you’re steering an EV enterprise and looking to cut through complexity with precision, connect with Pragmatic Techsoft.

We’re not just adept at Odoo migrations; we’re partners powering your journey into the electric future. Keep your business journey electrified with continuous updates from our insights on Odoo 17, and drive your projects with the power of innovation and efficiency.

Stay tuned to Pragmatic Techsoft for more insights on maximizing the potential of Odoo 17 in your EV development endeavors.


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