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How can Odoo improve procurement processes in supply chain management

As we venture into 2024, the focus on streamlining procurement processes within supply chain management has become increasingly crucial for organizations seeking to gain a competitive edge. 

Procurement, the heart of your supply chain, plays a crucial role in ensuring you have the right materials, at the right time and at the right cost. But manual procurement processes can be riddled with inefficiencies, leading to stockouts, delays and missed opportunities.

Odoo, the open-source ERP platform, has consistently demonstrated its ability to address the pain points faced by entrepreneurs and businesses in optimizing their procurement and supply chain management. 

With the release of Odoo 17, the platform has introduced a suite of enhanced features and functionalities that empower organizations to enhance their procurement processes, improve inventory management and strengthen supplier relationships.

Pragmatic Techsoft, your one-stop shop for all things Odoo, dives deep into how Odoo 17 empowers businesses to improve supply chain procurement and gain a significant competitive edge.


Gone are the days of tedious manual tasks like creating purchase orders and managing supplier communication. Odoo 17 automates a significant portion of your procurement workflow, freeing up valuable time and resources for strategic activities.

1) Streamlined requisition management : Empower employees to submit requisitions electronically, specifying item details, quantities and budget constraints. Automated workflows route these requisitions for approvals, ensuring a transparent and efficient process.

2) Effortless request for quotation (RFQ) creation and comparison : Generate professional RFQs with ease, outlining your requirements and sending them to pre-approved vendors. Odoo 17 helps you compare quotes side-by-side based on price, lead times and other critical factors, enabling informed vendor selection.

3) Simplified purchase order generation and management : Once you’ve selected a vendor, Odoo automatically generates purchase orders with all the necessary details. Track the status of your orders in real-time, receive automatic notifications for deliveries and manage invoices electronically – all within a centralized platform.


Maintaining optimal inventory levels is crucial for uninterrupted production or sales. Odoo 17 provides powerful tools for inventory management, directly integrated with the procurement module –

  1. Minimum stock level management : Define minimum stock levels for each item to trigger automatic purchase orders when inventory dips below a certain threshold. This eliminates the risk of stockouts and production delays.
  2. Inventory forecasting : Leverage historical sales data and trends to forecast future demand. This ensures you have the right amount of inventory on hand to meet customer needs without incurring unnecessary storage costs.
  3. Real-time inventory tracking : Gain complete visibility into your inventory levels across multiple locations. Track stock movements, identify slow-moving or obsolete items and make informed decisions about replenishment strategies.


Building strong relationships with your suppliers is essential for a resilient supply chain. Odoo 17 offers functionalities to streamline supplier communication and collaboration –

  1. Centralized supplier database : Maintain a comprehensive database of your suppliers, including contact information, performance history and contract details.
  2. Streamlined communication : Facilitate seamless communication with your suppliers through built-in messaging tools. Send inquiries, negotiate terms and track communication history, all within the Odoo platform.
  3. Performance management : Track supplier performance metrics like on-time delivery rates, quality control measures and pricing. Use these insights to identify and reward top-performing vendors and identify areas for improvement with underperforming ones.


Ready to experience the transformative power of Odoo 17 procurement management? Here’s a quick guide to get you started –

1) Configure your settings – Define your company’s units of measure, payment terms and other procurement-related settings within the Odoo configuration module.

2) Create a product database –  List all the items you  procure, including detailed descriptions, stock-keeping units (SKUs) and vendor information.

3) Manage suppliers – Build a comprehensive supplier database, capturing contact details, lead times and payment terms.

4) Automate workflows –

Set up minimum stock levels – Navigate to the “Products” module and define minimum stock levels for each item. When inventory dips below this threshold, Odoo will automatically generate a purchase order for replenishment.

Create automated purchase order rules – Within the “Purchases” module, establish automated purchase order rules. These rules can be based on factors like minimum stock levels, reorder points or lead times. Odoo will automatically trigger purchase orders when these predefined conditions are met.

Implement approval workflows – Define approval workflows for purchase orders exceeding a certain amount. This ensures adherence to spending limits and involves relevant personnel in the decision-making process.

5) Utilize Reporting and Analytics : Odoo 17 provides a robust reporting and analytics suite specifically designed for procurement. Generate reports on supplier performance, purchase order history, and inventory turnover. Utilize these insights to identify areas for improvement and optimize your procurement strategies.

Pro Tip : Explore Odoo’s built-in automation tools to create custom workflows tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to automate tasks like sending purchase order confirmation emails or generating reports upon delivery.

By leveraging the comprehensive procurement management features in Odoo 17, businesses can achieve significant improvements in their supply chain efficiency. Ready to revolutionize your supply chain with Odoo 17?

Pragmatic Techsoft is your trusted partner in all things Odoo. 

Our team of Odoo experts can help you implement and customize the Odoo procurement module to seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes. We offer a range of services, including :

  • Odoo implementation and customization
  • Data migration and integration
  • Training and support
  • Ongoing consultations

Contact Pragmatic Techsoft today to schedule a free consultation and unlock the full potential of Odoo 17 procurement management for your business.

Stay tuned to our website, socials and blogs for more insightful content on maximizing the power of Odoo 17 for your organization.


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