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Is Quality Control a Challenge? How Odoo 17’s Quality Module Transforms Your Food Manufacturing Process

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Food manufacturers face a myriad of challenges in ensuring that their products are consistently safe, compliant, and meet the expectations of discerning consumers. 

From stringent regulatory requirements to the complexities of managing diverse production processes, maintaining a robust quality control (QC) system is crucial for success.

The introduction of Odoo 17‘s Quality Control Module marks a transformative shift in how businesses approach this vital aspect. 

Today’s blog dives deep into the features of the Odoo 17 Quality Control Module, particularly focusing on its application in food manufacturing. 

We’ll explore how this module is not just a tool but a game-changer in ensuring top-notch quality, compliance and efficiency in food production processes. 

So, if you’re grappling with quality control challenges or simply looking to elevate your manufacturing standards, this piece is tailored for you!



  • Automated and Manual Quality Checks : Odoo 17 enables both automated quality inspections and manual quality checks, offering flexibility and thoroughness in maintaining product standards​


  • Strategic Test Planning : The module empowers businesses to develop comprehensive test plans that align with specific product lines and manufacturing stages, ensuring proactive quality control​


  • Stringent Compliance and Standards : Particularly crucial in food manufacturing, Odoo 17’s quality control features ensure adherence to the highest industry standards and regulatory compliance​


1. Efficient Scheduling and Processing

  • Streamlined Operations : The Manufacturing module assists in efficiently scheduling, planning and processing manufacturing orders, significantly enhancing operational effectiveness​.

Use Case : Quality Enhancement in Food Manufacturing 

Imagine a food manufacturer, “GoodEats Co.,” facing quality control challenges in their production line. They implement Odoo 17’s Quality Module, following these steps :

  • Identifying Quality Control Points : GoodEats Co. configures quality control points at crucial stages of its manufacturing process to ensure routine quality checks.
  • Creating Quality Alerts : Upon noticing a defect in a product batch, a helpdesk employee initiates a quality alert using the Quality module. The alert is detailed, specifying the product, variant, lot number, originating work center, and more. This comprehensive alert system enables swift action on quality issues​.
  • Integrating Alerts with Work Orders : During manufacturing, workers on the shop floor can directly create quality alerts from their work order tablet view, facilitating immediate attention to any arising quality concerns​.
  • Managing and Analyzing Alerts : The quality alerts are organized in a kanban board for efficient tracking and management. GoodEats Co. utilizes the filtering options to analyze alerts based on diverse criteria like date, quality team, or root cause, enabling continuous improvement in their processes​.

Pragmatic Techsoft, with its deep expertise in Odoo solutions, excels in implementing and customizing Odoo 17 to fit unique business needs. Our track record in successful Odoo migrations and implementations, especially in quality control and manufacturing, positions us as a key partner in elevating your business operations.

Stay connected for more insights into leveraging Odoo 17’s capabilities for your business. Pragmatic Techsoft is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and insights that empower your operations with efficiency and compliance.

Check out our  Manufacturing Module and harness the power of Odoo 17’s Quality module and transform your food manufacturing process for a future of superior quality and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Reach out to Pragmatic Techsoft for tailored Odoo solutions that transform your manufacturing processes. 

With our specialized expertise in Odoo 17, we ensure your business is equipped with the tools for success in a competitive marketplace.


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