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Looking to Offer More Payment Flexibility? How Can Odoo 17 PoS Split Payments Help Your Retail Business?

A bustling Saturday afternoon at your retail store -a group of friends debate how to split their bill. One has cash, another prefers credit and a third just received a gift card. Frustration mounts as they fumble with wallets and phones, delaying the checkout process for everyone!

This scenario, unfortunately, plays out all too often in retail stores. But what if there was a way to eliminate this friction and create a smoother, more satisfying checkout experience for your customers? 

Odoo 17 Point of Sale (PoS) is your go-to option with its powerful split payment functionality.

This blog explores how Odoo 17 PoS split payments can revolutionize your retail business. We’ll delve into the benefits, the ease of implementation, and ultimately, how it can transform your checkout process into a competitive advantage.

Beyond Convenience – Unveiling the Hidden Advantages of Split Payments

While the convenience factor of split payments is undeniable, the benefits extend far beyond simply keeping the checkout line moving. 

Here’s a deeper look at how Odoo 17 PoS split payments can positively impact your retail business :

1) Improved Inventory Management 

Split payments can provide valuable insights into customer buying habits. By analyzing which items are frequently split between payments, you can gain a clearer understanding of how customers perceive product value and potentially adjust your inventory management strategies.

2) Enhanced Sales Staff Efficiency

Split payments empower your sales staff to handle complex transactions efficiently. No more struggling to calculate individual portions of a group bill. With Odoo 17 PoS, staff can quickly and easily split the bill and process individual payments, minimizing checkout delays and improving overall staff productivity.

3) Reduced Cash Handling

Split payments often involve a combination of cash and cashless methods. This can lead to a decrease in the amount of cash your staff needs to handle, potentially minimizing errors and streamlining cash management processes.


Odoo 17 PoS seamlessly integrates with various payment gateways, ensuring smooth processing of split payments across different payment methods. 

This provides you with the flexibility to cater to a wide range of customer preferences, including :

  • Credit Cards : Customers can easily split their bill between multiple credit cards, allowing them to manage their spending across different accounts.
  • Debit Cards : Similar to credit cards, split payments allow customers to utilize multiple debit cards for a single purchase.
  • Gift Cards : Odoo 17 PoS seamlessly integrates gift card functionality. Customers can combine the value of their gift card with another payment method to cover the full purchase amount.
  • Cash : Of course, cash remains a popular payment option. Split payments allow customers to combine cash with other methods, offering maximum flexibility.

This comprehensive integration ensures a frictionless checkout experience for your customers, regardless of their preferred payment methods.


While the core functionality of split payments is straightforward, Odoo 17 PoS offers some additional features for even greater control :

  1. Partial Payments : Customers can choose to pay only a portion of their bill amount at checkout. This can be particularly useful for situations like layaway purchases or split payments across multiple visits.
  2. Custom Payment Labels : Assign descriptive labels to each split payment, making it easier for both staff and customers to track individual portions of the bill.
  3. Receipt Customization : Odoo 17 PoS allows for customization of receipts. You can tailor receipts to clearly display the breakdown of split payments, ensuring transparency for your customers.

These advanced features empower you to manage split payments effectively, optimizing the checkout process for both your staff and your customers.

Implementing Odoo 17 PoS and harnessing the power of split payments can significantly benefit your retail business.  However, navigating the setup and customization process can seem daunting.

That’s where Pragmatic Techsoft comes in.  Our team of Odoo specialists possesses extensive experience in implementation, customization, and ongoing support. We can help you configure Odoo 17 PoS to seamlessly integrate split payments, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits for your business.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll delve deeper into the world of Odoo 17 PoS and explore additional features that can transform your retail operations!

In the meantime, if you’re ready to unlock the potential of Odoo 17 PoS split payments and create a frictionless checkout experience for your customers, Contact Pragmatic Techsoft today.  We’re here to guide you every step of the way.


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