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Odoo 13 – Domain Masking for SaaS Kit

What is domain masking ? Domain masking or URL masking is the act of hiding the actual domain name of a website from the URL field of a user’s web browser in favor of another name.

Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. provides a module for Odoo SaaS Kit. This module helps to sell Odoo modules as a services. Every new instance request shall be accessible using a subdomain of the host  company domain url.

Eg : if a new tenant database “tenant1” is created then this db can be accessible on browser using link “”.

If customer has its own domain to be used to access this database eg : , This can be achieved using our module “domain_masking”.

This module has a dependency of SaaS Kit Module.

Following configurations are available for “domain_masking”

On selection of above module it will raise a popup window where user can select appropriate report that needs to be generated.

In SaaS master database user will have to provide a directory name and path where the ssl certificates from the customer will be stored. You will also have to provide Apache configuration file path here.

When a tenant database is created it is by default accessible on browser using subdomain functionality. In every tenant database configuration at SaaS master db we have provided a provision as follows :

Here user can set the required domain which will allow user to access the Odoo database.

Also if tenant wish to apply a ssl certificate to the given domain then this can be attached in respective field as mentioned above.

Tenant will have to add a C Name record in their domain controller.

Once above activities are done then tenant database shall be accessible on desired domain.


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