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Top 10 Advantages of Odoo ERP for SMEs

Odoo ERP is specifically designed to address the needs of modern business enterprises, particularly SMEs. It is an API-friendly platform with a broad range of other app integrations, including Whatsapp, Google Maps, and 

There are a variety of modules in Odoo that help businesses address various verticals such as trading, manufacturing, retailing, etc. Odoo is available in both Enterprise and Community Editions. Enterprise editions consist of paid products, whereas the community edition is offered free for users. The benefit of this for SMEs is that they can first go ahead with the community edition and then migrate to the enterprise paid edition as they scale. 

As an entrepreneur of a growing organization, you would need an ERP that can manage various business functions efficiently. In that context, Odoo ERP provides the below benefits for SMEs –

1) Holistic Collaboration

Centralized databases are a core component of ERPs. The features and functions of ERP software may vary, but all ERP software can streamline data across multiple departments by converting it into a single source. Odoo’s holistic database can greatly reduce data errors and losses. By using a database source to back up a common goal, employees can work together systematically. Hence, the business owner doesn’t have to go from pillar to post managing every department manually.

2) Excellent ROI

It is likely that an ERP investment will take a larger share of your overall budget, regardless of how flexible the packages are. Entrepreneurs often overlook ERP systems during the growth stage of their company. The real benefit of ERP, however, can only be seen through increased efficiency and ROI over time. Odoo ERP is one of the most cost-effective solutions available in the market. Its comprehensive nature enables business automation which generates excellent ROI in the long run. 

3) Analytics and Reporting

Progress analysis is an important component for growth-hungry SMEs. With Odoo ERP, data analytics and reporting can be simplified and well-organized to help gain better insights. Timely insights help you to understand why your business performance stands at a particular level by organizing data seamlessly across all departments. Using this feature, you can easily generate reports and save time on manual report compilations that would otherwise take days.

4) Accelerates Productivity

Business management involves a number of time-consuming tasks that can sap your motivation and lower the morale of your team. Having Odoo ERP in your company can help you automate repetitive tasks and enable your employees to work more efficiently. Not only this, but you can also free up time for more productive tasks. Further, Odoo ERP systems are most efficient when it comes to managing high volumes of data and organizing them while preventing other tasks from hindering productivity.

5) Efficient Customer Service

CRM tools are generally integrated into most ERPs to facilitate better communication across platforms for your sales team. Your team would benefit from Odoo CRM tools since they provide a clear understanding of customers’ viewpoints, which helps them strategize better customer care that caters to their needs and wants. An ERP system can quickly organize your customer database, allowing you to better understand their preferences.

ERP implementation success is largely determined by the efficiency of your ERP partner. With the right Odoo ERP implementation company, you will be able to implement, customize, integrate, and migrate with ease. Pragmatic Techsoft analyzes your business requirements, market orientation, and suggests appropriate modules as per industry demands. The implementation process also ensures hassle-free data migration and management. Click here to discuss the best solution for your business.

6) Customization Flexibility

The modular structure of Odoo ERP is highly suitable for SMEs due to its compelling interface. With Odoo ERP, you can expand your business and make it more productive and efficient by adding a subset of tools and making it your preferred choice.

7) Economical Solution

Odoo is unique in that it does not have a fixed price tag for its services. It is priced differently depending on the number of modules covered, the number of users, the integration type, and the type of hosting. SME entrepreneurs can benefit significantly from investing in it for their business growth. Community editions are free-to-use and do not require you to purchase a complete package. If your business needs similar services in the future, Odoo will be able to provide them for you.

8) User-friendly Interface 

Thanks to Odoo ERP’s streamlined interface and captivating layout, navigation is quick and hassle-free. Unlike other ERP solutions that are cluttered and complex, Odoo has a simple user interface that facilitates function execution without hassles.

9) Cloud-based Service 

Odoo can be used by SMEs without the need for infrastructural support. Various hosting options make it possible for you to save time and money while only paying for the services you actually use. Cloud hosting allows for highly scalable server resources, which can accommodate a wide variety of business expansion plans.

If you are planning to implement Odoo ERP or upgrade to Odoo 16 from any previous versions of Odoo, click here now to talk to our experts.

10) Improves Sales 

With Odoo’s inbuilt CRM, business enterprises can know their sales forecasts accurately, get actionable data, and design dashboards to enhance business performance. The software also includes various features for enhancing a business’s sales process by using electronic signatures in communication, documents, and increasing revenue. Users can easily set up CRM and POS tools.

Pragmatic Techsoft is one of the best Odoo product and service providers committed to serving its investors. We have helped our clients with customized Odoo ERP systems to achieve their specific business goals right from the earlier versions of Odoo. 

Our cost-efficient software solutions have propelled the business capabilities of numerous SMEs and large organizations across 50+ countries for over a decade. With a vast range of custom modules to accommodate different business functions, you can optimize operations to their fullest potential. You can automate routine tasks and focus more on the things that need your immediate attention. 
For any queries regarding Odoo ERP products, you can leave a comment below or contact us here or


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