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Odoo Land Acquisition Module

At Pragmatic, we have developed Odoo module for Land acquisition where users can manage their property details, Land owner information, Land owners contribution towards it, etc


Managing Property Detail

Go to Land acquisition

Land Property


Here is this menu, user can create and manage their land details

View, after option to create new property



When Property is available for Lease, new tab gets popped up to feed in additional information of Rent, Rate and Tenancy




User gets an option to take lease amount in any of the following Rent Type:-



User can also define the start and end date of lease which will calculate the amount.




User further can upload remaining information like Nearest places to the land, Photos and Documents, Similar Properties, Land Owner and their contribution and Description

User can create the type of document required for land based on their country’s specification through configuration and select while uploading the document copy.



Land Owners

When user try to add in land owner information, it asks you to feed in their ownership percentage. If user puts in more than 100% then system through a warning message.



After feeding all information, this property gets ready with availability either for lease or for sale.


Land Proposal

When Land is available for lease or sale proposal can be prepared for multiple customers. System will allow to create multiple proposal until the state of any of the proposal is not confirmed.


Information which is getting maintained over the property form, get populated on proposal form as soon as the property is selected for proposal purposes.

If user select ‘For Sale’ system will generate SO and if user select ‘For Lease’ system will create Lease order with start and end date and the lease amount



User can edit the line based on discussion and edited



User can see the status of property on its form as well.




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