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Odoo Load and Performance Testing with JMeter

Deatiled patient record is maintained in the system where genetic information, appointment history, life style details, lab test details etc of the patient is maintained.

1. Detailed Patient record.

Jmeter installation on Linux platform on ubuntu operating system.
a)- Run the below command on terminal for install Jmeter OR you can download the latest jmeter version and installed as below steps.

  1. 1-itadmin@IT:~$ sudo apt-get install jmeter
  2.$ sudo wget

itadmin@IT:~$ sudo tar -xvf apache-jmeter-2.13.tgz
itadmin@IT:~$ cd apache-jmeter-2.13
itadmin@IT:~/Downloads/apache-jmeter-2.13/bin$ ./
After Installation open the Jmeter Like the below image.

Jmeter Configurations for the Odoo Load testing.

a)- Right click on test plan -> Add > Thereads(users) -> Theread Group

Thread Group
Name:-Thread Group (Default) As you like and understand,can change the Name
This is Sampler action options:-
Continue, Start next, Thread Loop, Stop Thread, Stop Test, Stop Test Now

Thread Properties:
Number of Threads(Users):- 1 (default) you can put numbers of users.Which will be he send the apache requests on odoo server. keep it 100
Ramp-Up period(in seconds): 1 (default) Send apache request every second
Loop Count:- 1 (Default) Send apache request on odoo server as per loop 1,2..
Delay Thread creation until needed:- No Need
Scheduler:- No Need

b)- Right click on Thread Group -> Add > Sampler -> HTTP Request

HTTP Request
Name: HTTP Request (Default) you can putt the Odoo-Http-Request
Server Name od IP:- ( odoo server ip)
Path:- / (This is linux root directory and set the path for the thread will access the under the /our server.)

Note – Other field is no need to configure.

c)- Right click on test plan -> Add -> Listener -> View Results Tree

Check Odoo server apache log
ubuntu@ip-172-31-32-56:~$ sudo tail -f /var/log/odoo/odoo-server.log
2016-02-10 13:55:03,317 23853 INFO iPaas_Odoo9
werkzeug: – – [10/Feb/2016 13:55:03] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 –
2016-02-10 13:55:03,355 23853 INFO iPaas_Odoo9 werkzeug: – – [10/Feb/2016 13:55:03] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 –
2016-02-10 13:55:03,368 23853 INFO iPaas_Odoo9 werkzeug: – – [10/Feb/2016 13:55:03] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 –
2016-02-10 13:55:03,381 23853 INFO iPaas_Odoo9 werkzeug: – – [10/Feb/2016 13:55:03] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 –

D)- Right click on test plan -> Add -> Listener -> aggregate graph

explanation of main performance load test metrics which are collected by JMeter look as below: Lable is apache (https OR http request)
Samples is the number of samples with the same label.
Average is the average time of a set of results.
Median is a number which divides the samples into two equal halves. Half of the samples are smaller than the median, and half are larger. [Some samples may equal the median.] This is a standard statistical measure. The Median is the same as the 50th Percentile.
90% Line

(90th Percentile) meaning 90% of the samples took no more than this time.
Min is the shortest time for the samples with the same label
Max is the longest time for the samples with the same label
Error % is the percent of requests with errors
Throughput is measured in requests per second/minute/hour. The time unit is chosen so that the displayed rate is at least 1.0. When the throughput is saved to a CSV file, it is expressed in requests/second, i.e. 30.0 requests/minute is saved as 0.5.
Kb/sec – throughput measured in Kilobytes per second. Time is in milliseconds.

Run Jmeter Configurations:-

Save The file choose the location



Aggregate Graph Report

Note- Successful jmeter send apache request om Odoo server Check result and Right Uper coner “0” Yellow Field and 0/100 success Green


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