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Odoo 9 University Management System

Odoo University Management System By Pragmatic Techsoft is now available in the latest Odoo Version (Odoo 9).

University management system module manages the whole process of student admission till pass out from the college/school, like Admission, Exams, Time Table, Student Assignment, Hostel, Library, Transport, etc. Using this system, searching student information is just a few clicks away. System also generates various reports.

System allows user to initiate admission process with an information like fees, due date for fees, academic year, category, course, etc. It allows user to generate invoice against admission.

Student management system allows you to store complete information of student like date of birth, religion, category, blood group, mother tongue, address, educational details, assignment details, library details, placement offer details, etc. This allows you to find student information at one click.

Faculty management system allow you to store complete information of faculty like birth date, blood group, contact number & address, time table, library details, subject details, health details, etc. This system manages the payroll of faculty.

Course management system allows you to define courses which has granted by the university for the students. You can also define section and subject under it.

Standard management allows user to define standards, it refers to students appearing in particular year for particular course. It also allows you to set division, it is nothing but separating batch of students in two or more groups. Allocation of division menu allows you to assign division to students.

Classroom management system allows you to allocate classroom to students. Here you can set classroom name, course, standard, number of students per classroom and facilities available in the classroom.

Educational institute organizes cultural programs/activities, to track those activities system allows you to use activity management system. It has information like activity name, faculty & student name, activity type, etc.

Hostel management system allows user to maintain the records of hostels like list of hostels, number of rooms per hostels, number of students per room, facilities available per hostel, etc.

Most of the educational institutes uses transportation facility for their students and faculties. So to maintain all these data we use transportation management system here. It helps to manage vehicle information, driver information, route information, student and faculty list, stops and cost information.

Exam management system allows you to set exam type (for eg. Semester 1) and exam room. In exam room you can set classroom name, student capacity, course, standard and list of students.

General management allows you to define category (Caste), religion and scholarship for the students.

Academic year management allows user to define year and months for particular academic period like eg. for semester-1 the period will be from March to May.

Attendance management system is used to maintain the attendance of students using the filters like academic class, division and batch. You can maintain monthly and daily attendance of students. System also allows us to print monthly attendance report.

  • A} Monthly Attendance
  • B} Daily Attendance Sheet
  • C} Monthly Attendance Report

Educational institute charges some amount as fees for their academic, and management has to track the record of fees receipt, so fees management system helps to maintain these records. Here you can maintain fees receipt & payroll register records and define fees head and fees structure.

Time table management system allows user to generate time table for faculties and students. To generate time table, you need to define period with duration first. System also gives facility to generate time table. By default system shows time table in kanban view.

  • A} Period
  • B} Time Table List View
  • C} Generate Time Table

General management system covers following things, placement offer, student/faculty health, student hall ticket, admission analysis, student migration (promotion of one standard to another standard) and student achievement.

  • A} Placement Offer
  • B} Student/ Faculty Health
  • C} Student Hall Ticket
  • D} Admission Analysis Report
  • E} Student Migration
  • F} Achievement

In library we have to manage the books, there are n number books in the library. When we use any automated system in the library we have to insert book details in the system. So the book menu is there to add the book details in the book master list like book name, authors, publishers, tags, book request, book movement, etc.

  • A} Book
  • B} Book Movement
  • C} Book Request
  • D} Library Card

Educational institutes conducts exams for their students, to manage all exam related things like exam start time, end time, minimum marks, obtained marks, total marks, duration, venues, subject, exam sessions, manage exam attendance, mark-sheet register, exam template, exam resource allocation, etc. we use exam management system.

  • A} Exam
  • B} Exam Session
  • C} Mark-sheet Register

Assignment management system allows faculty to publish assignment to their students. Faculty can create new assignment with details like issue date, submission date, marks, student allocation information, submission menu to review submitted assignments, etc. Faculty can accept, reject or ask changes in assignments. Student has to submit assignment within submission date.

  • A} Assignment
  • B} Student Assignment Submission

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