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Odoo OpenERP POS 6.1 Point of Sale Bar code Reader Support – Searching Products by reference and EAN13 ( BAR Code) :

Now a days most of the shopping centers and malls are making use of automated systems and touch-screen POS at the cashier point to eliminate the human error while billing and making the paymant. OpenERP POS is goof but it lacks searching the product by Bar code. It can search product by name and is the only option besides selecting the product by clicking mouse or with touch-screen. With thousands of products in view a cashier might take a long time to enter the product in POS. So to add product to order line searching products by Reference and EAN13 (Bar Code reader) in the touch-screen POS is essential for the POS to be usable.

We have modified the OpenERp POS to support Barcode and by reference 
See the following image gallery demonstrating search of product  in POS via reference and EAN13 :

1.  Search the product by Reference, e.g. food item Pav Bhaji has reference as PB.  The image shows the product being highlighted on entering into the search field.

2. On hitting enter the product gets added to order line as shown in the image below.

3. The following two images show searching of  product by EAN13  Bar code and an update in product summary details.

Updation in order line :


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