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OpenERP SaaS kit

OpenERP SaaS kit

OpenERP is a very useful set of business applications being used by companies big and small across the globe. It has a very good multi-tenancy support and can be easily offered on a Saas model. Software as a Service model has gained immense popularity in today’s time and is complemented very well with cloud platforms. This model provides the end customers to get hassle free OpenERP implementation without worrying about software installation and hardware. They can also scale the system depending on increase in number of users.  

Pragmatic has developed a very useful set of tools for people offering OpenERP Services to clients interested in a SaaS based offering. We have a collection of tools using which one can start offering OpenERP to current and future clients. Also we have created a self service interface using which customers can sign up for subscription on their own. They can also make payments using a number of Payment gateways thus eliminating any manual intervention. They can also evaluate the OpenERP software on a 30 days trial. The SaaS kit provides a easy demo site for customers to explore OpenERP further.

SaaS kit has a way to collect important user information such as their email address which can then be stored in the OpenERP CRM. This information can then be used to run marketing campaigns. 

Key Features
  • Works with OpenERP 6.1
  • Sub-domain support with individual customers getting their own sub-domains or domains
  • Sub-domains URLS with only 1 Database listing thus isolating users from seeing other databases  
  • Removal of Database creation URL so that no one can create a new database. A separate URL is provided for the administrator to create databases.
  • Supported gateways: PayPal
  • Support for a Demo site with a direct lead creation in OpenERP CRM
  • Automated trial versions which expire in 30 days.
  • Self-serve account creation.
  • Ability for users to reset their own passwords (Forgot your password?
  • Support for SSL with a digital certificate.

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