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Optimizing Your Sales Process in Odoo 17 : How to Set Up Automated Workflows?

Streamlining sales processes can significantly bolster a company’s performance.

Among the myriad tools available, Odoo 17 stands out with its robust features enabling seamless sales workflows. 

A crucial aspect of leveraging Odoo to its fullest is the setup of automated workflows which can dramatically enhance efficiency, reduce manual errors and accelerate sales cycles. This procedure involves a meticulous configuration of the system to ensure that the sales process transitions smoothly from one stage to the next with minimal human intervention.

Automating workflows in Odoo 17 entails a blend of configuring the right parameters and leveraging the built-in automation features which are designed to  eliminate redundancies and freeing up your sales team to do what they excel at – closing deals

By setting up automated actions, triggers and routing rules, businesses can ensure that their sales teams are always a step ahead. 

Moreover, Odoo’s customizable nature allows for a tailored fit, ensuring that the automation aligns well with the unique sales processes of different organizations.

Whether you are a seasoned Odoo user or a newcomer, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to elevate your sales process to a new zenith of efficiency and effectiveness.


Embarking on the automation journey with Odoo 17 unfolds a myriad of benefits :

  • Increased Efficiency : Bid farewell to time-consuming repetitive tasks and embrace a streamlined sales process.
  • Enhanced Accuracy : Minimize human errors, ensuring a consistent and error-free sales process.
  • Boosted Sales : Freeing up your sales force from mundane tasks allows them to concentrate on closing deals, driving your sales figures upward.


1) Understanding Your Sales Process :

Begin with a thorough examination of your existing sales process to pinpoint areas ripe for automation.

Identify the triggers and actions that propel a sales order through various stages.

2) Navigating to Workflow Configuration :

Access the “Automation” module in Odoo 17.

Hit the “Create” button and select the “Workflow” option to venture into the workflow configuration arena.

3)Defining Your Workflow :

Assign a descriptive name and an explanatory description to your workflow.

Select the “Model” you wish to automate, like ‘crm.lead’ for automating lead management.

4)Setting Triggers and Actions :

Define the “Trigger” that will initiate your workflow, such as the creation of a new lead.

Detail the “Actions” your workflow should execute, like sending follow-up emails.

5) Coding Advanced Workflows :

For more intricate workflows, Odoo’s Python API comes to the rescue.

 Below is a code snippet for an automated workflow to send follow-up emails to leads :

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we excel in tailoring Odoo to meet your unique business needs. 

Our expertise shines brightly in Odoo implementation, customization and migration, ensuring you are always at the forefront of leveraging Odoo’s evolving features. Our successful track record in migrating Odoo versions for a myriad of clients stands as a testament to our proficiency.

Keep an eye on our website and blogs for more in-depth insights and guidance on exploiting the full potential of Odoo 17 for your enterprise’s success.


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