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The Certification Blind Spot | What Odoo’s Exams Don’t Cover [but Should]

Having aced all your exams, you now have a collection of certificates adorning your office wall, symbolizing your readiness for the professional world.

However, when you engage with your first client, the reality check is swift and unanticipated. You find yourself navigating challenges that were never part of your training.

Your client needs unique modifications to Odoo due to their distinct business model or perhaps they are utilizing a plugin that’s entirely new to you.

The Validation of Certification, often perceived as a hallmark of technical prowess, tends to create a comforting illusion of preparedness as you venture into the professional realm.

But when the theoretical bubble encounters practical demands, the inadequacies in the certification curriculum become starkly apparent. 

It’s similar to embarking on a voyage with a compass, only to discover midway that it falls short in guiding through unexplored terrains. 

The evolution from a Qualified Consultant to a Market-ready Professional presents a wide range of unexpected obstacles, necessitating a re-evaluation of the current Odoo Certification system to guarantee its continued applicability to real-world market demands.


Customization Proficiency 

Odoo is a canvas of endless possibilities with its extensive customization capabilities. Yet, the Certification exams often skim the surface, leaving consultants scurrying for expertise when faced with complex client demands for customization.

Mastery Over Third-party Modules

The world of Odoo is extended through thousands of third-party modules.  These modules, often industry-specific, are critical for delivering comprehensive solutions, yet the Certification scarcely touches upon them.

Business Process Optimization

Odoo isn’t merely an ERP system; it’s a potent tool for business process management. However, a lack of focus on business process optimization within the certification curriculum limits consultants’ ability to offer holistic solutions to clients.


Staying Updated

The dynamic nature of Odoo, with its frequent updates and new feature additions, necessitates a culture of continuous learning. Following Odoo on various platforms, attending webinars and participating in community discussions are steps towards staying updated.

Exploring Third-party Modules

Delving into the Odoo App Store, exploring reviews and even obtaining certifications in crucial third-party modules can significantly enhance a consultant’s competency and market readiness.

Engaging with the Odoo Community

The Odoo community is a reservoir of knowledge. Engaging actively within this community, sharing experiences and learning from peers can be a tremendous asset for consultants.


Project Management Acumen

Odoo projects can burgeon into complex engagements, demanding adept project management skills for successful delivery, a facet not covered in the standard certification.

Effective Communication

Translating technical complexities into understandable solutions for clients is an art that goes beyond the purview of certification, yet is indispensable in real-world engagements.

Problem-Solving Prowess 

The journey of an Odoo consultant is dotted with challenges that require a robust problem-solving approach, often demanding a blend of technical and creative solutions.

Pragmatic Techsoft transcends the conventional by offering Certifications that are in sync with market demands. Our curriculum is a blend of technical knowledge, real-world problem-solving and an understanding of business processes, ensuring our consultants are not merely certified but are equipped to thrive in the market.

Odoo Consultants are the bridge between technology and transformative business solutions. 

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we strive to fortify this bridge through a Certification program that is comprehensive and market-aligned. 

As we continue to delve deeper into the realms of Odoo, Stay tuned to our social channels and blogs, where insights unfold, ensuring you are not just market-ready, but a step ahead in the evolving Odoo landscape.


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