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What are the Best Practices for hiding sensitive information from Specific Users in Odoo?

As an entrepreneur entrusting your business operations to an ERP system like Odoo, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access becomes a crucial responsibility. 

But with a vast array of data traversing your Odoo ecosystem, how do you ensure only authorized personnel can access specific information?  

This blog delves into the best practices for hiding sensitive information in Odoo, empowering you to establish a robust security posture.


Recent studies by Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report reveal that 82% of data breaches involve human elements, highlighting the importance of access control. 

In Odoo, user access rights determine what information each individual can view, edit or delete. 

Implementing effective access management practices safeguards sensitive data like financial records, customer information and intellectual property from unauthorized access, preventing potential breaches and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Securing your Odoo instance necessitates a layered approach, encompassing various best practices :

1. Leverage User Groups and Access Rights

  • Establish User Groups – Create specific user groups based on job functions and responsibilities within your organization. For example, a “Sales Team” group might include sales representatives and managers, while a separate “Finance Team” group would encompass personnel handling financial data.
  • Assign Granular Access Rights : Meticulously define access rights for each user group within each Odoo module. This involves specifying which functionalities and data fields each group can view, edit or delete. For instance, the “Sales Team” might have access to view and edit customer information but be restricted from modifying financial details, which would be accessible only to the “Finance Team.”

2. Utilize Record-Level Access Control 

  • Define Access Criteria : This powerful feature allows you to set specific criteria for individual records within Odoo modules, controlling who can access them. Imagine restricting access to specific sales orders based on the customer location or order value, ensuring only relevant personnel can view the information.

3. Enforce Field-Level Security

  • Control Field Visibility : Odoo grants you the ability to control access at the individual field level within each module. This granular control allows you to hide specific fields containing sensitive information, like social security numbers or credit card details, from unauthorized users, even within the same group.

4. Activate Data Encryption

  • Enhance Data Security : Leverage Odoo’s robust data encryption capabilities. This encrypted sensitive data both at rest (stored on your server) and in transit (during transmission), adding an extra layer of security and rendering it unreadable even if intercepted by unauthorized individuals.

5. Conduct Regular Security Audits

  • Proactive Approach : Regularly conduct security audits using Odoo’s built-in tools or consider engaging a professional security service provider. These audits identify and address any potential vulnerabilities within your Odoo instance, ensuring your security measures remain effective and adapt to evolving threats.

Remember : Implementing these best practices requires accessing Odoo’s technical settings. If you lack the technical expertise, consider seeking assistance from certified Odoo professionals like Pragmatic Techsoft to ensure proper configuration and ongoing security maintenance.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we possess extensive expertise in Odoo security solutions. Our team of certified Odoo professionals can assist you in implementing the best practices outlined above, tailoring them to your specific business needs. We offer comprehensive Odoo security audits, access control configuration, and user training to empower your organization with a watertight security posture.

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Remember Security is an ongoing process. 

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Connect with our team today to explore our Odoo security solutions and discover Pragmatic Access Management, a comprehensive suite designed to fortify your Odoo ecosystem.


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