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Are there any industry-specific customizations in Odoo 17 for the manufacturing sector?

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Odoo 17 stands as a testament to technological finesse, a system that’s not just an ally but a strategic partner in manufacturing excellence – offering industry-specific customizations that promise to redefine efficiency and productivity. 

With a keen understanding of the industry’s pulse, Odoo 17 introduces features that streamline operations, from inventory management to production planning. 

Its sophisticated yet user-friendly interface is a game-changer, enabling seamless integration of various manufacturing processes. This version is particularly noteworthy for its advanced analytics, which provide actionable insights, driving smarter decision-making.

What sets Odoo 17 apart is its adaptability. 

Whether it’s a small-scale workshop or a sprawling manufacturing unit, the system molds itself to fit the unique contours of each business, ensuring that no two Odoo experiences are alike. 

It’s not just about managing resources; it’s about unlocking potential, making Odoo 17 a pivotal tool in the arsenal of any forward-thinking manufacturing enterprise.


odoo new version

1) Customized Manufacturing Workflows

Odoo 17 introduces a range of manufacturing workflows designed for industry-specific needs. These include :

  • Managing Bills of Materials (BoMs) for Product Variants : Tailoring manufacturing processes for different product lines.
  • Use of Kits and Semi-Finished Products : Streamlining multi-level manufacturing processes.
  • Subcontracting Your Manufacturing : Integrating seamlessly with subcontracting processes.

2) Advanced Planning and Scheduling

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) in Odoo 17 aids in efficient planning, ensuring optimal resource utilization and timely production.

3) Adaptable Manufacturing Processes

Odoo 17 facilitates complex manufacturing operations with features such as :

  • Work Order Dependencies : Creating dependencies between work orders for streamlined operations.
  • Multi-Step Manufacturing : Supporting one-step, two-step or three-step manufacturing processes for various industry requirements.

Pragmatic Techsoft, with its deep understanding of Odoo 17, excels in implementing and customizing these manufacturing solutions. Our expertise in migrating to various Odoo versions ensures businesses a smooth transition, enhancing operational efficiency with successful digital transformations.

Stay connected with Pragmatic Techsoft for more insights into Odoo 17 and other advanced solutions. Our commitment to providing tailored Odoo solutions positions us as a leader in driving business success through technological innovation.

Our Manufacturing Module in Odoo is a comprehensive solution, tailored to enhance manufacturing efficiency through advanced features and integrated workflows, supported by our expertise in Odoo customization.

Transform your manufacturing operations with Pragmatic Techsoft’s customized Odoo solutions. 

Connect with our experts to explore how we can harness Odoo 17’s innovative features for your business success.


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