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WhatsApp utility has long moved from a messenger app to an effective business tool. It is the most popular mobile messenger app used by more than 2 billion people worldwide.

Enterprises integrate WhatsApp business into their marketing plan with equal emphasis as any other social media platform.

It is an excellent way to connect with customers to provide immediate and personalized customer service.

WhatsApp Central All-In-One is a comprehensive app suite that helps you manage your entire business functions inside Whatsapp Messenger.

There are powerful modules integrated into a single Odoo Whatsapp module package that automates core business functions, viz., marketing, payments, sales support, live chat, eCommerce shopping, product catalog, and customer service.

Businesses can greatly benefit from its marketing and sales modules to achieve customer acquisition, retention, and upselling products/services entirely through WhatsApp Messenger.

Its bi-directional functionality enables large volumes of interaction between buyers and sellers in an organized manner.

With a bunch of other bespoke add-ons included in this Odoo Whatsapp Business app suite, you can transform your WhatsApp into a support channel to help your customers discover, engage, or purchase a product from your company.


WhatsApp All-In-One Integration

  • Robust, reliable, and server-based
  • Manage large volumes of messages
  • Send notification to salesperson for assigned lead
  • Send notifications to the user for task assignment
  • Automatic delay payment reminder notification to customer
  • See all the chats at one place
  • WhatsApp contacts message history

Whatsapp Marketing

  • Robust, reliable, and server-based
  • Manage large volumes of messages
  • Get WhatsApp group in odoo
  • Get WhatsApp contacts in Odoo
  • Send messages from Odoo to WhatsApp group
  • Send messages from Odoo to WhatsApp contacts
  • Whatsapp group message history
  • Send bulk of messages from mass messages

Whatsapp Shopping Cart

  • Product catalog
  • Contact labels
  • Sale orders
  • Invoicing

Whatsapp POS Integration

  • Send WhatsApp messages to registered mobile numbers
  • Send the order receipt in the image form
  • Send order details through WhatsApp
  • Send messages on the WhatsApp group

Whatsapp for Lead Generation

  • Robust, reliable, and server-based
  • Bi-directional functionality (send/receive messages)
  • Create a new lead for incoming messages
  • Merge communication in the existing open lead

Whatsapp Live Chat

  • Users can connect directly from their WhatsApp account
  • WhatsApp members can reply instantly from the app
  • Add WhatsApp chat widget icon from the backend
  • Add skill id for WhatsApp member
  • Check availability of WhatsApp members

Whatsapp IVR

  • Virtual ChatBot
  • Reduce human errors
  • Create a new lead for incoming messages
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Interactive experience
  • Quick automated response

WhatsApp Helpdesk

  • Automated replies for standard support queries
  • Allocate tickets to executives
  • Reply to customers with WhatsApp messages
  • Send WhatsApp messages at every stage of the ticket
  • Create helpdesk tickets from WhatsApp messages
  • Support ticket creation through email or WhatsApp number
  • Send WhatsApp messages at every stage of the ticket.


Accounts and Billing 

  • WhatsApp bills and receipts
  • WhatsApp payments integration
  • Send payment reminders automatically

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer support via interactive messages
  • Customer live chat through the website
  • Quick Automated Response

Customer Support

  • Create helpdesk tickets through E-mail or WhatsApp messages
  • Allocate tickets to executives
  • Reply to customers with WhatsApp messages
  • Send WhatsApp messages at every stage of the ticket

Marketing Campaigns 

  • Customer promotions and marketing campaigns through mass messaging
  • WhatsApp messages at every stage of the process

Sales Support 

  • Product catalog/features and details
  • Pre-sales customer queries
  • Product quotations
  • Send sales order through WhatsApp directly
  • Send delivery order through WhatsApp directly


Retail and E-commerce I Tours and Travel I Consulting Services I Healthcare I Hospitality

Pragmatic Techsoft, the creator of WhatsApp Central All-In-One has launched a good number of business-centric apps and solutions.

The company has 11 years of experience in Odoo ERP products and services, with 1000+ projects implemented, and 150+ plug-n-play readymade modules on Odoo app store.

This thoughtful Odoo Whatsapp Integration product aims to combine all business components (modules) to create a completely automated business system. 

To reduce human errors and move the entire lifecycle of customer interaction into the WhatsApp Messenger App.

If you liked what you read, then click on the below button to order a free demo of WhatsApp Central All-In-One today. 



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