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One of the most practical business principles dictates, “The best marketing is happy customers.” At Pragmatic, we take this command quite seriously. Customers who express their product concerns, functional issues, or seek technical assistance should always be acknowledged with an empathetic approach. Our customer support mechanism springs into action to make sure the customer receives the best possible solution.  
Odoo Helpdesk brings the client and customer support team onto a common platform. Users can conveniently access the module to raise their issues through a set of easy-to-use functionalities. The same functionalities also enable the technical team to address and document the issue. Companies can actively listen to concerns, analyze patterns, and initiate improvisations in our products and services. The sole objective of this module is to help our clients drive business patronage through a world-class user experience. Let’s move on to the features of helpdesk module-

Key Features of Odoo Helpdesk

Odoo Helpdesk Module by Pragmatic offers versatile functions to enhance the customer service experience. Users can raise tickets, attach screenshots of issues, track the status of the issue, and much more. You can also check the log of the tickets where all the logs of the issues will reflect along with their updated status. Below are the key features of the module:

  • Submit Tickets
  • Check the log till date
  • Department wise category
  • Selection of the apps
  • Choose Version of the app
  • Image attachment
  • Submitted ticket status
  • Create Team Members in Odoo
  • Create Team Leader
  • Create Priority of the tickets
  • Create Team Leader
  • Email Notifications


Ticket Submission from Helpdesk

  • User can submit tickets via the helpdesk portal.
  • If the helpdesk menu is clicked, it will lead the user to the website.
  • Here, the user will be asked to create an account.
  • After account creation, user can click on the helpdesk menu to create the ticket.
  • Click on ‘Submit a Ticket’.
  • It will then open a form for ticket submission related to products.
  • Here user can select the category from ‘Technical, Functional, or Support’.
  • Also ‘Module App’ option has been given which enlists all the company’s products.
  • Select the ‘Version’.
  • Attach the screenshot/image of the error (if any) for more clarity.
  • You can even select the urgency level in the priority section
  • Mention additional notes in the description box.
  • Submit the ticket.

Ticket History from Helpdesk

  • Users can check all the tickets raised from their account in the ‘My Tickets’ section.
  • You can easily track the details of your issues/concerns listed in the log and check the ticket status too.

Email Notifications

  • In this module, users will also be notified about their tickets along with the details via email.
  • After submitting the ticket from your account, an email will be sent to your registered email id as shown below:

Helpdesk Configuration

  • User can define or configure the ‘Helpdesk Team, Helpdesk Categories, and Helpdesk Priorities’ from the ‘Configuration’ tab as shown below.
  • Configuration done in the master will reflect in the same manner on the website menu in ‘Ticket Submission’ form.

Helpdesk Teams

-You can assign and create teams for different departments of the organization.

Helpdesk Categories

Technical Support, Functional, and many other categories can be configured based on the member hierarchy in the team.

Helpdesk Priority

Based on the gravity of the issue, user can also set the priority to high, medium, or low in this section

Helpdesk Module in Odoo

The tickets submitted by users from the website also will also show under the Helpdesk module in the Helpdesk Tickets section. Here user can even create a new ticket based upon the call/email received.   


  • Any image/screenshot attached by the user from the website will also show on Odoo Helpdesk in the ticket section right next to the ‘Action’ menu. 
  • There is a provision to upload multiple types of attachments from the website

Odoo Helpdesk is bifurcated into three main categories – Technical, Functional, and Support. Users will be reached as per the category selected while submitting the ticket. This will ensure the right department works on resolving the issue. It will empower organizations to offer better turnaround time which is critical for customer retention.


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