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We are living in the age of instant gratification. People flock to businesses that offer swifter and simpler solutions. Everything is on the clock here. Even a leisurely vacation is no exception. Customers have very limited time to spare, so naturally, they want to make the most of their allotted time. Considering this transition in customer behaviour, the traditional approach to running a travel business will only lead to a downward spiral.

To counter this impending situation, modern tours and travels businesses are actively implementing top-notch technology tools and software. Customers expect travel companies to cater convenient, versatile, genuine, and personalized solutions all at the same time. Our Odoo Tour and Travel Management System does exactly that. It’s a complete software solution for tour booking operators, travel agencies, or tourism companies, with provision for customization as per their needs.

Odoo Tours and Travel Management Module by Pragmatic 

Pragmatic has developed a new module in Odoo which will transform the way tours and travel companies currently manage their business. This powerful module gives your travel business the simplicity and functionality to steer it ahead. It helps you efficiently manage contracts with all suppliers to manage customer accommodation, transportation, restaurants, guides, and other logistical requirements. It is built on a robust, innovative, and dynamic technology stack that can be further customized in case of any specific business requirements.

Powerful Features of Odoo Tours and Travel Management Module

  • Managing contracts with all suppliers to manage customer accommodation, transportation, restaurants, guides, and other logistical requirements.
  • Send tour itinerary to the customers via email upon completing the booking process.
  • Configure or modify accommodation prices based on the date range.
  • Set pricing for the packages according to different currencies
  • Calculate the total cost as per the exchange rate of the selected currency.
  • The module also enables tour operators to calculate the cost per person (adult/child).
  • Tour operators can define the sales price and cost price to maintain a margin.
  • And lots more…

Key Benefits of Odoo Tours and Travel Management Module

Increase Sales. Improve Profitability: With the automated system at your disposal, you can accelerate processes and manage more inquiries. The package creation function helps you to offer unique tours and compelling packages to the customers.

Enhance Efficiency. Minimize Resources: The more you familiarize yourself with this travel agency software, the less time you will be spending on administration. Manual work will be eliminated giving you more time to focus on personalized offers and experiences.

Build Better Relationships: The module will significantly reduce manual errors which build on the brand’s reliability perception among customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. Reliability makes a brand more approachable to build stronger long-term relationships.

Deliver Amazing Experiences: System automation saves a substantial amount of time enabling you to focus less on administration and more on creating compelling offers. Consistency and creativity in the travel industry are paramount to getting repeat customers.

Module Configuration

What makes Odoo Tours and Travel Management Module one of the best travel agency booking software is easy to configure and implement. To know the step-by-step configuration process including contract creation, package creation, itinerary creation, vendor management, price calculation, etc., kindly click here.

Why Odoo Tours and Travel Management Module by Pragmatic? 

We strive to provide the best travel agency software for the changing requirements of the travel industry globally. Pragmatic Techsoft has many years of experience in helping travel companies better their offerings by upgrading to automated systems. With our proven software products and technical support system, you can simplify complex tasks and gain a deeper understanding of your customers. You can improve your bookings and maximize profits by doing better analysis and devising effective promotional campaigns. If you are looking for a tour and travels management system, kindly reach us at


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