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Business Intelligence For OpenERP Using Jasper Dashboards

Alway’s We heard that Customer’s would like to see dashboards in CRM.  Pragmatic provided easy solution which integrate OpenERP – Jasper reports in CRM.
We have Developed OpenERP Sales CRM module with Jasper Dashboards which provides Analytical view to the Sale’s CRM data, using this data managers or sales user can take corrective action when required.
OpenERP Sales CRM Dashboard offers significant new and enhanced features that can increase effectiveness and productivity in your sales team and organization.Using Jasper dashboards Reporting mangers can understand   sales funnel’s effectiveness and sales representatives performance. 

CRM Business Intelligence Using Jasper Reports

OpenERP Sales CRM Module – :
  •    Sales CRM track all details of Leads, Opportunities & Sales Funnel.
  •    Create User Hierarchy ( Management – Reporting manager – Sales           Representative)
  •    Provide Access rights as per users and groups.
Using Jasper dashboards we can analysed -:
  •    Target by Users/Sales team- Yearly, Monthly, Quarterly & half yearly.
  •    Estimated and achieved target by users and sales Teams.
  •    Booking revenue by Individual and Sales teams can be analysed.
  •    Sales Funnel – Region, Solution & Sales person wise.
  •    Monthly Lead generation details
  •    Opportunity Won percentage.
  •    Key Performance indicators
  •    Contribution of top orders
OpenERP Sales CRM Connect with Jasper Dashboards -:
  •   OpenERP – Sales CRM data integrated with Jasper Dashboards
  •   Developed module connects OpenERP and Jasper dashboards
  •   We can export user’s to Jasper server.
  •   Once we login into openERP we do not need to login by user into Jasper.
Below are some screenshots of OpenERP Sales CRM – Jasper Dashboards :  

 1)Target by users and sales Team – Provides users estimated and achieved target details

2)Leads Generation dashboards – provides Userwise leads generation details and percentage of won.   

3)Stage wise dashboard

4)Sub category dashboard :

Using above dashbaords Salespeople are motivated to accurately update their opportunity data in the system so they don’t run the risk of being called out for missing or inaccurate data.

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