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Can Odoo 17 Help Manage Your Diagnostic Device Portfolio More Efficiently?

Imagine a world where efficiency is not just an expectation but a baseline for your diagnostic device portfolio management. 

With advanced features tailored to the needs of modern businesses, Odoo 17 emerges as a game-changer in managing complex product assortments, from inception through to design and manufacturing, to marketing and service. 

It’s the ERP solution that doesn’t just promise efficiency—it delivers it through a suite of enriched functionalities and a redesigned user experience that aligns with your business’s pulse. 

In this blog, we delve into how Odoo 17’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can streamline operations, optimize inventory and bring unparalleled clarity to your diagnostic device management processes. 



A diagnostic device portfolio encompasses a range of medical devices and technologies designed for health diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. 

It represents a company’s collection of investments in various medical technology businesses, from high-growth sectors to stable, cash-generating products. 

Portfolio management in this sector involves making strategic decisions about which product lines to invest in, with an eye on optimizing overall returns and market position​.


The diagnostic device portfolio is beneficial for a broad range of stakeholders within the medical technology field. 

Here’s how Odoo 17’s modules cater to each :

  • Manufacturers : Streamline product design, manufacturing and iteration with Odoo’s PLM module.
  • Healthcare Providers : Manage inventory and track the utilization of diagnostic devices with Odoo’s Inventory module.
  • Investors : Gain insights into financials and market performance with Odoo’s Accounting module.

WHAT’S NEW IN Odoo 17?

Odoo 17 is not just another update; it’s a complete overhaul designed with the user in mind. The introduction of a dark mode, a centered search panel, draggable pop-ups and enhanced catalog features in the sales module signifies Odoo’s commitment to improving user experience. 

Moreover, the sticky header feature in kanban and list views ensures that essential information remains accessible, simplifying navigation through extensive data.


Odoo 17’s PLM framework provides a systematic approach to manage the entire lifecycle of diagnostic devices. This involves rigorous testing, collaboration and iterative updates which are crucial in the healthcare industry.

Change management features like Engineering Change Orders (ECO), ECO types, and version control are pivotal for maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring product quality.


  1. Concept Development : Using Odoo 17, map out your device’s concept with collaborative tools and document management systems to ensure every idea is captured and evaluated.
  2. Design and Testing : Leverage the version control and ECO features to manage design iterations and testing protocols, ensuring each change is tracked and approved before moving forward​2​.
  3. Manufacturing Integration : Integrate manufacturing workflows within Odoo 17 to align production with design changes seamlessly, minimizing downtime and errors.
  4. Marketing and Sales : Utilize the sales catalog feature to showcase device portfolios to potential clients and track market performance.
  5. Service and Support : Post-launch support stages within Odoo 17 ensure that services are executed efficiently, with customer feedback driving continual improvement.

Real-world Application Examples

Consider a scenario where a diagnostic device needs an upgrade due to new regulations. 

With Odoo 17, initiate an ECO, detail the changes, get necessary approvals, and distribute the information across departments swiftly, ensuring everyone is on the same page with the latest requirements.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we take pride in our expertise in Odoo ERP, particularly when it comes to version migration. We have facilitated numerous successful transitions to newer Odoo versions, empowering our clients with the latest tools and features for their business management needs.

Pragmatic Techsoft’s manufacturing module is a testament to our understanding of industry-specific challenges. It provides an added layer of efficiency and precision to Odoo’s manufacturing capabilities, ensuring your diagnostic device portfolio is managed with the expertise it deserves.

Stay tuned to our Odoo blogs for more in-depth insights on leveraging Odoo 17 for your business. From the latest updates to practical tips, we aim to be your go-to source for all things Odoo. 


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