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Can Odoo 17’s Advanced Product Tags and Images Increase Customer Engagement?

Capturing and retaining customer attention is a constant battle. Shoppers are bombarded with choices, leaving businesses scrambling for ways to stand out.

Odoo 17, the latest version of the popular open-source ERP, throws down the gauntlet with powerful new features for product tags and images that promise to revolutionize customer engagement. 

But can these tools truly deliver on their promise? 

Let’s dive into the latest trends, explore Odoo 17’s capabilities and discover how Pragmatic Techsoft can help you harness their potential for your business.


Modern shoppers crave meaningful connections with brands. They demand personalized experiences, relevant product recommendations and a seamless user journey. In 2024, trends like hyper-personalization, visual storytelling and interactive product exploration are taking center stage. 

Customers want to see themselves reflected in your offerings, understand the story behind your products and actively participate in the shopping experience.


Odoo 17 has introduced a suite of features that cater to the nuanced needs of modern e-commerce businesses. One of the standout features is the enhanced product tags and images functionality. This feature allows businesses to add informative labels and attractive images to their products, significantly enhancing the online shopping experience.


1) More Than Just Labels

In Odoo 17, product tags are not just simple descriptors. They are powerful tools that enable customers to filter and find products with ease. These are informative labels that can be assigned to products or variants, making it easier for customers to identify key product attributes like material or features.

For instance, tagging a necklace with ’24K gold’ and ‘water-resistant’ not only informs customers about the product’s attributes but also aids in their decision-making process. 

This feature is particularly useful in an era where customers seek detailed product information before making a purchase.

2) Images as Attribute Values

Odoo 17 takes product visualization to the next level by allowing images to be used in place of traditional color swatches. This means that when a customer selects a product variant, they see an image representing their choice, making the shopping experience more intuitive and visually appealing. This feature is a significant leap from the conventional color selection methods, offering customers a more realistic view of the product.


In 2024, entrepreneurs face the challenge of streamlining their business operations amidst a rapidly changing technological landscape.

 Odoo 17 addresses this by offering a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance efficiency and productivity. From inventory management to customer relationship management, Odoo 17 provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies business processes.


1) Access Product Information : Go to the product details page of the item you want to tag.

2) Enter Edit Mode : Click on the ‘Edit’ button to modify the product’s information.

3) Locate Tag Section : Find the section or field where you can add tags. This might be labeled as ‘Tags’, ‘Labels’, or something similar.

4) Create or Select Tags : If the tag you want to use already exists, select it from the available options. If not, create a new tag by typing it in and adding it to the list.

5) Assign Tags to Product : After selecting or creating the tags, assign them to the product. You may be able to add multiple tags to a single product.

6) Save Changes : Once you have added all the necessary tags, save your changes to update the product information.

7) Verify on Product Page : Check the product page to ensure that the tags are displayed correctly to the customers.

Remember, product tags are a great way to organize products and make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for based on specific attributes or categories.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the digital race. Our expertise in implementing, customizing, and migrating to Odoo 17 ensures that your business leverages the full potential of this powerful platform. With a track record of successful migrations and customizations, we are your ideal partner in navigating the complexities of Odoo 17.

As we continue to explore the capabilities of Odoo 17, stay tuned to our website and blogs for more insights.

Looking to elevate your e-commerce business with customized Odoo solutions? Contact our Odoo experts at Pragmatic Techsoft for tailored strategies that align with your business needs.


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