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Can Odoo Simplify Complex Sales Quotation Processes?

Creating accurate and efficient sales quotations in the manufacturing industry is akin to navigating a complex maze. Balancing technical specs, pricing strategies and customer demands creates a complex tango across departments.

With the advent of Odoo 17, manufacturers are witnessing a revolutionary change in handling this critical aspect of their business. 

This blog explores how Odoo 17 transforms the chaotic high-wire act of sales quotations into a streamlined and harmonious process.


Complexities and Bottlenecks

Traditionally, generating sales quotations in manufacturing has been a labor-intensive process, fraught with potential for errors and inefficiencies. The need to balance technical specifications, pricing strategies, and customer demands often leads to a disjointed workflow, impacting the overall business efficiency.


1) Seamless Integration and Automation

Odoo 17 introduces a seamless integration of inventory and manufacturing modules, allowing real-time access to product details, lead times, and costs. This integration eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and manual data entry, significantly reducing the chances of errors.

2) Dynamic, Customizable Quoting

With Odoo 17, manufacturers can bid farewell to the tedious spreadsheet-based quoting process. The ERP system enables the creation of dynamic, customizable quotes that automatically adjust to variable costs, discounts, and special promotions, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.


1. Accessing the Module

The process begins with the sales team accessing Odoo 17’s Quotation module. This module is intuitively designed, providing a user-friendly interface that displays all necessary tools and information at a glance. 

The team can quickly navigate through previous quotes, access templates, and start a new quotation, all from this centralized dashboard. This module is the gateway to efficient quote management, ensuring that all relevant data is readily accessible.

2. Adding Products

Once in the Quotation module, the next step is to add products to the quote. As products are selected, Odoo 17 automatically populates the quotation with detailed information from the integrated inventory and manufacturing modules. 

This includes real-time data on pricing, availability, and lead times. The system’s accuracy in pulling this data eliminates the risk of quoting outdated prices or promising unavailable products, thereby enhancing reliability and trust with customers.

3. Customizing the Quote

After adding the products, the sales team customizes the quote to fit the specific needs of the customer. This customization can include adjusting quantities, setting specific pricing or discounts and adding special notes or terms. 

Odoo 17’s flexibility allows for the inclusion of custom fields, ensuring that any unique requirements from the customer can be accommodated. This step is crucial in tailoring the quotation to not just meet but exceed customer expectations.

4. Review and Approval

The draft quote is then subjected to a thorough review and approval process. This step is vital to ensure accuracy and compliance with company policies. 

The sales team, along with any required supervisors or managers, checks the quote for any errors or inconsistencies. Odoo 17’s collaborative features enable easy sharing and feedback within the team, ensuring that the quote is scrutinized and refined to perfection before being sent out.

5. Sending to Customer

Finally, the polished and approved quote is sent to the customer. Odoo 17 allows for the quote to be sent directly from the system via email, ensuring a quick and efficient delivery.

The quote can be personalized with the company’s branding, including logos, custom fonts and even embedded images or videos, making it not just a quote but a professional representation of the company. 

This step is the culmination of the process, where the precision and efficiency of Odoo 17’s quoting process are presented to the customer, enhancing the company’s image and increasing the likelihood of winning the business.

Odoo 17 thus streamlines the complex process of creating sales quotations in the manufacturing industry, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Odoo 17 is not just an ERP upgrade; it’s a transformative tool for the manufacturing industry. By simplifying complex sales quotation processes, it propels businesses towards greater efficiency and profitability.


At Pragmatic Techsoft, we specialize in guiding manufacturers through the Odoo 17 upgrade, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing ROI. Our team of skilled consultants and developers has a proven track record in successful migrations, making us your ideal Odoo partner.

Keep an eye on our website and blog for more insights on how Odoo 17 can revolutionize your manufacturing operations. Pragmatic Techsoft is your partner for a simpler, smarter and more profitable future. Request a free consultation today!


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