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Digital Documents at a Click | Streamlining Real Estate Transactions with Odoo-WhatsApp Integration

In the dynamic landscape of the global real estate sector, continuous Innovation is paramount. 

The recent shift towards Digitization stands as a Testament to this evolution. A notable stride in this direction is the seamless integration of Odoo, a renowned open-source software, with the universally-used messaging platform, WhatsApp

This fusion empowers real estate professionals to effortlessly digitize and disseminate documents to clients through WhatsApp.

In this article, we delve into the myriad advantages of the Odoo-WhatsApp amalgamation for real estate dealings and guide you through its implementation.


  1. Enhanced Client Experience : The integration ensures clients can access and endorse digital documents at their leisure, eliminating the traditional hassles of printing, scanning or emailing.
  2. Minimized Paperwork : The digital transformation facilitated by this integration significantly trims down paperwork, leading to resource conservation and time-saving.
  3. Augmented Transparency : Clients gain a lucid view of their transaction’s progression and are promptly alerted about fresh document arrivals, fostering trust.
  4. Error Mitigation : Automation introduced by this integration curtails human-induced errors in the document dissemination process.


To harness this integration:

  1. Establish a WhatsApp Business profile
  2. Incorporate the Odoo-WhatsApp integration module
  3. Fine-tune the integration settings
  4. Link your WhatsApp Business profile with Odoo.

Post-Integration, sharing Digital Documents becomes a Breeze. 

Simply tap the “Share via WhatsApp” prompt in Odoo and choose your document.

DID YOU KNOW that Odoo 17 will add a Whatsapp Integration to the Odoo Core? 

This means you only need Odoo’s all-in-one business application to reach all your Prospects and Customers via Whatsapp!  

Odoo 17 introduces a feature enabling direct WhatsApp messaging from within Odoo, enhancing Client Communication and Support.

The Odoo-WhatsApp synergy is a game-changer for real estate enterprises, offering operational efficiency, elevated client experiences and error reduction. 

If you haven’t explored this integration yet, it’s High Time you did.

With a legacy spanning over 15 years, Pragmatic Techsoft stands as a beacon in Odoo Solutions. 

Our Odoo-WhatsApp integration offering is unparalleled in its depth and user-friendliness, encompassing :

  1. Direct document transmission through WhatsApp
  2. Real-time document status monitoring
  3. Prompt document availability alerts
  4. Compatibility with diverse Odoo modules like CRM, Sales and Accounting.

For a seasoned partner to guide you through Odoo-WhatsApp integration, look no further than Pragmatic Techsoft. Our bouquet of services includes Odoo customization, training, support and integration, along with a plethora of other Odoo solutions.

Stay abreast of the latest in Odoo by following us on our social channels. We regularly disseminate invaluable insights, updates and features to keep you at the forefront.


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