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Does Odoo 17’s Improved CRM Features Enhance Customer Engagement in Laundry Services?

If you’re in the Laundry Service industry, there’s a lot to cheer about.

Operating a thriving laundry business is much more than ensuring clean and crisp clothes; it’s about fostering a robust bond with your customers. A solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is pivotal in achieving this. 

Odoo 17 brings some cool Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features to the table. CRM is like your business’s best friend. It helps you keep your customers happy and come back for more. 

This blog will show you how Odoo 17’s CRM can make a big difference in how you handle customers and run your laundry service. Plus, with the help of Pragmatic Techsoft, moving to Odoo 17 is a breeze. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!


1) Know Your Customers Better
Odoo 17’s CRM keeps all the info about your customers in one place. It’s like having a handy diary that tells you what each customer likes, when they last dropped off laundry, and if they prefer starch or no starch.

2) Automatic Messages
Tired of sending reminders manually? Odoo 17 can send emails or text messages to your customers automatically. So, whether it’s a pickup reminder or a special discount, Odoo 17’s got your back.

3) Easy Scheduling
Now, scheduling pickups and deliveries is a piece of cake. You can easily see and manage your schedule, making sure your customers get their laundry on time.

4) Performance Check
Want to know how well your service is doing? Odoo 17’s CRM gives you the real picture with easy-to-understand analytics. It’s like having a report card for your business!

5) Customize Your Workflow
Every laundry service is unique. Odoo 17 lets you tailor the workflow to suit your needs, making your day-to-day tasks flow smoothly.

6) All-in-One System
Odoo 17’s CRM can talk to other parts of your business system. This means less hassle and more harmony in running your laundry service.

Here’s a Little Tech Magic :

Pragmatic Techsoft is like your tech-wizard. We make moving to Odoo 17 smooth and easy, with lots of successful migrations under their belt.

Want a smarter way to manage your laundry service? Explore our Pragmatic Laundry Management Module today!

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for more cool insights on Odoo 17. With Pragmatic Techsoft, you’re all set to make your laundry service the talk of the town!

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