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Hospital Management System Module for OpenERP

Medical is an open source, centralized Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality.
A comprehensive Hospital Management System that takes care of all functional aspects of all types of hospital. The package will help the users i.e. Hospital administrators, Doctors & other Staff to keep track of every tit bits of the activities performed in the various departments of the Hospital. Depending on the characteristics of a particular hospital, provision for customization is there to satisfy the specific needs of the hospital.

Hospital Management Information System Screencast :-

Key Modules/Features of Hospital Management Information System(HMIS): 
1 Medical Module

This Module will help in achieving the following functionalities:

  • Creating Patient Registration of both the IPD & OPD types & maintaining a record of all the information of the patients.
  • Scheduling of the Appointments & keeping a record of it.
  • Handling the Laboratory requirements right from creation of the Lab requests to the Lab Reports.
  • Maintaining a record of the Prescriptions given by the Physician to the Patients.
  • Inbuilt ICD – 10 Codes.
  • Pretty Configurable to keep record of the Hospital Information.
  • Billing needs of the Hospital.
  • Creation of various types of reports like Lab/ Pathological Reports, Patients Reports.
  • Creation of Patient Registration Cards.

2 Sales Module.
It fulfills all the Sales needs of the Hospital & Pharmacy.

3 Purchase Module.
It fulfills all the Purchase needs of the Hospital & Pharmacy.

4 Warehouse Module.
It helps in managing the Inventories of the Hospitals & Pharmacy.

5 Accounting Module.
It helps in sufficing all the Financial Needs of the Hospital.

6 Human Resource Module.
It helps in the management of the Workforce of the Hospital.

7 Administration Module.
It helps in creation of different users & granting them access rights according to the requirements of the Hospital.

8 Point of Sale(POS) Module.




  • Olivia Madison on October 30, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this excellent Hospital Management module. It contain all the required option to store important data. This software is very useful for the hospitals and health organizations.

    • Anuradha Kulkarni on January 3, 2024

      Thank you for your comment! We are glad you liked the content.

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