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How an inventory transactions report enhances your Odoo experience

Running a business in 2024 is a constant dance between opportunity and chaos. Imagine a scenario – a customer places a sizeable order, but your inventory system throws a curveball. 

The promised product is nowhere to be found. Stockouts, inaccurate data, and inefficient  inventory tracking in Odoo  can cripple your bottom line and damage your customer reputation. 

This is where the Inventory Transactions Report by Pragmatic Techsoft comes in handy, which provides a comprehensive overview of your stock movements and helps you make informed decisions to optimize your supply chain. 

You can easily track incoming and outgoing goods, transfers between locations and even internal consumption. This report helps you identify patterns, spot trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your inventory tracking in Odoo.

Think of them as a detailed logbook for your inventory’s every move. From raw materials entering your production floor to finished goods flying off the shelves, these reports meticulously track every transaction.  

This empowers you with unparalleled  odoo inventory management  capabilities, transforming  ERP for inventory management  into a strategic advantage.


Whether you’re a manufacturer churning out widgets or a retailer brimming with the latest gadgets,  inventory control  is a constant battle. 

Here’s a glimpse into the pain points entrepreneurs grapple with –

1) Stockouts : Imagine the frustration of a promised product being out of stock, leading to lost sales and disgruntled customers. Inaccurate inventory data is often the culprit.

2) Overstocking : Holding onto excess inventory ties up valuable capital and incurs storage costs. It can also lead to product obsolescence, especially in fast-paced industries like electronics.

3) Inefficient Replenishment : Manual processes for reordering stock can be prone to errors and delays. This can lead to stockouts on one hand and overstocking on the other.

4) Lack of Visibility : Limited visibility into inventory movement makes it challenging to identify trends, optimize purchasing strategies and make data-driven decisions.

These challenges can significantly hinder your business growth. 

Thankfully,  odoo inventory management reports  offer a powerful solution.


By harnessing the power of inventory transactions reports, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your inventory’s journey.
Here are some key benefits you can expect –

  1. Enhanced Inventory Accuracy : Gain real-time insights into stock levels, identify discrepancies and ensure your inventory data reflects reality. This translates to fewer stockouts and improved customer satisfaction.
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making : Reports provide valuable data on product movement, purchase trends, and sales performance. Use this information to optimize purchasing strategies, identify fast-moving and slow-moving items and make informed decisions about production planning.
  3. Reduced Inventory Costs : Minimize storage costs by identifying overstocked items and optimizing inventory allocation. Inventory transactions reports can also help you negotiate better deals with suppliers by providing accurate demand forecasts.
  4. Improved Efficiency : Streamline various inventory management tasks. Track down specific items quickly, identify discrepancies in deliveries and ensure timely order fulfillment.
  5. Boosted Profitability : By mitigating stockouts, reducing overstocking and optimizing purchasing strategies, you can improve odoo inventory control and ultimately, increase your bottom line.

Let’s delve into a specific example – a growing manufacturing company.  

Inventory management in the manufacturing industry is complex, with raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP) and finished goods constantly in motion.  Inventory transactions reports  can be a powerful tool for manufacturers in several ways :

  • Traceability : Track raw materials used in production batches, ensuring quality control and facilitating product recalls if necessary.
  • Production Planning : Analyze historical data on material usage to forecast requirements for upcoming production runs. This helps avoid stockouts of critical materials and ensures smooth production flow.
  • Waste Reduction : Identify areas where raw materials are being wasted or misplaced. This allows manufacturers to implement odoo inventory control measures to minimize waste and optimize production efficiency.
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Inventory Management : Inventory transactions reports provide insights into lead times and supplier performance. This empowers manufacturers to implement JIT strategies, reducing inventory holding costs and improving responsiveness to market demands.

Generating Inventory Transactions Reports 

Creating an inventory transactions report in Odoo 17 is a user-friendly process. 

Check out our quick guide.

  1. Navigate to the Inventory app in Odoo.
  2. Select “Reports.”
  3. Choose “Inventory Transactions.”
  4. Define the timeframe for your report (e.g., last month, current quarter).
  5. You can further filter the report by specific products, locations, or operations (purchases, sales, etc.).
  6. Click on “Print” to generate a printable report or “Export” to download it in various formats (CSV, Excel).

Advanced Reporting Techniques

Odoo 17 offers advanced customization options for inventory transactions reports. You can –

  1. Group data by product categories, locations or date ranges.
  2. Display additional information in the report, such as unit costs, profit margins or product images.
  3. Schedule reports to run automatically at regular intervals and receive them via email.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we understand the intricacies of inventory management across diverse industries.  Our team of Odoo specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of Odoo 17’s functionalities and extensive experience in customizing solutions to fit your unique business needs. 

Whether you’re a seasoned manufacturer grappling with complex production flows or a budding entrepreneur venturing into the retail space, we can empower you to  improve Odoo inventory accuracy.

We offer a comprehensive suite of Odoo services, including –

  • Our experts can seamlessly integrate Odoo 17 into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the platform’s potential.
  • We can tailor Odoo reports, workflows, and functionalities to meet your specific needs and odoo inventory management requirements.
  • Our team provides comprehensive training to equip your staff with the skills to leverage Odoo effectively for optimal inventory control.
  • We offer ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your Odoo investment.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover how Odoo can transform your inventory management practices.

Request a free demo from Pragmatic Techsoft today to explore how Inventory Transactions Report can scale your business and meet your unique inventory needs.

Keep an eye out for our latest blogs and updates into the world of odoo and smart business solutions.


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