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What types of businesses can benefit the most from Odoo 17’s Kiosk Mode and Product Combos?

Two standout capabilities that have caught the attention of entrepreneurs and business owners alike are Odoo 17‘s Kiosk Mode and Product Combos – these are most valuable features for businesses looking to enhance customer experience, boost sales and improve operational efficiency.

Pragmatic Techsoft, your one-stop shop for all things Odoo, is here to guide you through the benefits of these features and explore which business types can leverage them for maximum impact.

Odoo 17 Kiosk Mode and its benefits 

By leveraging this mode, companies can create a dedicated, user-friendly interface for their customers to seamlessly place orders, access information and engage with the brand. 

This is particularly beneficial for businesses in the retail, hospitality and service sectors, where efficient and intuitive customer experiences are paramount to success. 

Imagine a scenario where customers can seamlessly browse products, place orders and make payments without needing assistance from a cashier. This is the power of Odoo 17’s Kiosk Mode.

Here’s how Kiosk Mode benefits businesses :

1) Reduced wait times : Kiosks alleviate pressure on cashiers, leading to faster customer service and improved customer satisfaction. 

2) Increased sales : Kiosks can encourage impulse purchases by offering upsells and suggested items during the checkout process. 

3) Improved operational efficiency : Kiosks free up staff for higher-value tasks like customer service, inventory management and upselling on the sales floor.

4) 24/7 Availability : In scenarios like quick-service restaurants or convenience stores, kiosks can extend service hours beyond regular staff shifts.

Odoo 17 Product Combos and its benefits

Product Combo or bundled products, offer a powerful tool for businesses to increase sales, enhance customer satisfaction and optimize inventory management. By allowing customers to purchase related products or services as a package, businesses can not only boost their average order value but also provide a more convenient and personalized shopping experience. 

This feature is especially valuable for industries such as e-commerce, manufacturing and distribution, where bundling complementary products can drive significant revenue growth. 

Product combos allow businesses to create enticing bundled product offerings. This strategy not only simplifies the buying process for customers but also encourages them to spend more.

Here’s a breakdown of Odoo 17’s Product Combo features :

  1. Flexible bundle creation : Odoo 17 lets you create combos with various options, allowing customers to personalize their selections.
  2. Discounted bundles : Offer bundled products at a discounted price compared to buying items individually. This entices customers to spend more while increasing your perceived value.
  3. Inventory management : Odoo 17 seamlessly tracks inventory levels for bundled products, ensuring accurate stock management.


Here’s a glimpse into some business types that can significantly benefit from Odoo 17’s Kiosk Mode and Product Combos –

  1. Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) : Kiosks can streamline order placement during peak hours, while combo meals featuring drinks and sides can boost average order value.
  2. Fast-casual restaurants : Kiosks can allow customers to customize their orders and explore combo options with different protein choices and sides.
  3. Retail stores : Kiosks can be deployed in high-traffic areas for faster checkouts, while product combos can encourage upselling of complementary products.
  4. Movie theaters : Kiosk ordering for tickets and concessions can shorten queues and encourage combo purchases of popcorn, drinks and snacks.
  5. Event venues : Kiosks can be used for self-service ticketing and merchandise purchases, while combo deals can entice attendees to buy food and beverages alongside event tickets.


Here’s a simplified guide to creating product combos in Odoo 17 –

  1. Navigate to Point of Sale > Products > Product Combos.
  2. Click “Create” and name your combo.
  3. Click “Add a Line” and select the products you want to include in the combo.
  4. (Optional) Set an extra price for individual products within the combo if needed.
  5. Save the combo.
  6. Create a new “Combo Product” under Point of Sale > Products > Products.
  7. Set the Product Type to “Combo.”
  8. In the “Combo Choices” tab, select the previously created combo and configure any additional options.
  9. Save the Combo Product.

Beyond the core benefits of increased average order value and streamlined purchasing, Odoo 17’s Product Combos offer additional advantages for businesses :

Increased sales through upselling and cross-selling

Product combos can be strategically designed to encourage customers to purchase complementary items they might not have considered otherwise. For instance, a clothing store could create a combo that includes a shirt, pants and a belt, all at a discounted price. This approach can nudge customers towards higher basket values.

Improved inventory management for seasonal products

Product combos can be a great way to manage slow-moving seasonal inventory. By bundling a less popular item with a high-demand product, businesses can incentivize customers to purchase both items, ultimately leading to reduced storage costs and a healthier inventory balance.

Enhanced customer perception of value

Customers often perceive bundled products as offering greater value compared to buying items individually. This perception of a better deal can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Personalized combo options

Odoo 17 allows for some flexibility in product combo creation. Businesses can offer a base combo with core items and allow customers to choose from a selection of add-ons or variations, fostering a sense of personalization and catering to diverse customer preferences.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in today’s competitive landscape. Our team of Odoo 17 experts can help you leverage the power of Kiosk Mode and Product Combos to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences and ultimately drive business growth.

We offer a comprehensive suite of Odoo 17 services, including implementation, customization, Kiosk mode configuration and management, product combo creation and strategy development, ongoing support and training.

Explore our website and blogs for more insights on how Odoo 17 can revolutionize your business.  

If you’re ready to harness the power of Odoo 17’s Kiosk Mode and Product Combos to elevate your customer experience and boost sales, contact Pragmatic Techsoft today

Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.


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