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How Can Keyboard Shortcuts in Odoo 17 Transform Your Workflow with Faster Record Selection?

The difference between leading and lagging in the manufacturing sector is often measured in moments of efficiency. 

Odoo 17 offers a suite of keyboard shortcuts that redefine the essence of workflow speed and precision. This isn’t just an update; it’s a paradigm shift in how manufacturers interact with their ERP systems. 

Imagine executing complex tasks with simple key combinations, turning hours of work into minutes of productivity. This blog unveils the transformative potential of Odoo 17’s keyboard shortcuts, a toolkit designed not just to enhance your workflow but to revolutionize it.

Are you ready to unlock a new realm of efficiency and propel your manufacturing processes into a new era? 

Join us as we explore how Odoo 17 is not just changing the game; it’s rewriting the rules of manufacturing efficiency.


1) Accelerated Data Handling

Odoo 17 introduces shortcuts that make navigating through large datasets a breeze. 

For instance, ALT + Arrow keys allow quick navigation through records, while CTRL + Enter confirms data entries without reaching for the mouse. This means faster data entry and review, crucial in manufacturing where time is always of the essence.

2) Streamlined Record Management

Managing inventory records, work orders, or customer data is now more efficient. 

With shortcuts like Shift + Click for range selection and ALT + N for creating new records, manufacturers can handle large volumes of data with reduced effort and time.

3) Enhanced Usability in Complex Operations

Complex manufacturing processes often involve multiple steps and layers of data. 

Odoo 17’s shortcuts, such as CTRL + S for quick saving and ALT + X for canceling an action, make navigating these complexities more intuitive and less error-prone.


1) Optimized Inventory Management

With shortcuts for quick record creation and selection, managing inventory becomes a task of minutes rather than hours. This leads to better stock control, reduced waste, and improved order fulfillment rates.

2) Efficient Order Processing

Odoo 17 enables manufacturers to process orders more swiftly. Keyboard shortcuts allow for rapid navigation through sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices, ensuring that customer demands are met promptly and accurately.

3) Enhanced Reporting and Analysis

Generating reports is vital in manufacturing for tracking performance and planning. With Odoo 17, creating, editing and analyzing reports is faster, which means more time for strategic decision-making.

Leveraging Odoo 17 in Manufacturing

Each manufacturing operation is unique. Odoo 17 allows customization of shortcuts to fit specific workflows, ensuring that the software adapts to the business, not the other way around.

To fully benefit from these features, manufacturers should invest in training their staff. Understanding and using these shortcuts effectively can lead to significant gains in productivity and efficiency.

Odoo 17’s keyboard shortcuts are not just minor enhancements; they are pivotal tools in the modern manufacturing landscape.

Stock management becomes faster and more accurate, leading to a smoother production line, timely order fulfillment and a significant reduction in operational stress

Teams can thus focus on strategic tasks, leveraging the time saved through Odoo 17’s keyboard shortcuts.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we don’t just implement Odoo; we transform businesses. Our expertise in migrating to Odoo 17 ensures a seamless transition, enabling manufacturers to harness the full potential of these new features.

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for more insights on maximizing the benefits of Odoo 17.

Our Manufacturing Module, designed specifically for Odoo 17, integrates seamlessly with your operations, offering tailored solutions that boost efficiency, reduce costs and enhance production quality.

Contact Pragmatic Techsoft today and discover how our customized Odoo solutions can propel your business to new heights of efficiency and productivity.


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