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How Can Manufacturing Companies Streamline Order Confirmations with Online Signatures in Odoo 17?

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The manufacturing floor hums with activity, but delays lurk. 

Every misplaced document, every unnecessary email, every printed page slows down the engine of your business. 

Order confirmations, in particular, can become a bottleneck, stalling the transition from quote to production. But what if there was a way to instantly confirm orders, slash paperwork and kickstart production – all in a few clicks?

Odoo 17, the latest version of the world’s leading open-source ERP, delivers a game-changer: online signatures for order confirmations. This innovative feature not only optimizes internal operations but also enhances customer experience, saving everyone valuable time and resources.

Imagine this : A customer places an order through your Odoo 17 web portal. Within seconds, they receive an email with the details and a request for their digital signature.

A few clicks and the order is confirmed, triggering automated workflows that launch production. No more printing, signing, scanning, emailing, or waiting for physical copies to snail their way across desks. Odoo 17’s online signatures transform the order confirmation process from a paper chase into a frictionless digital sprint.


To harness the power of online signatures in Odoo 17, the feature must be activated within the Odoo Sales application. 

This process involves navigating to the Quotations & Orders settings and enabling the Online Signature option. 

Once activated, this feature allows customers to confirm orders with their electronic signature directly on the sales order. This immediate confirmation accelerates the order processing cycle, crucial for manufacturing businesses where time is often of the essence.


When customers access quotations online via their customer portal in Odoo, they encounter a ‘Sign & Pay’ button. Clicking this button brings up a ‘Validate Order’ pop-up, where the customer’s full name is auto-populated. 

They can then choose to sign using the Auto, Draw or Load options, providing flexibility and ease of use. This process not only streamlines order confirmations but also enhances customer experience by offering a seamless and intuitive interface.


Implementing online signatures in Odoo 17 for manufacturing companies leads to several transformative impacts :

  • Reduced Processing Time : The immediate confirmation of orders speeds up the entire manufacturing cycle, from production planning to delivery.
  • Enhanced Accuracy : Electronic signatures reduce the risk of errors associated with manual order processing.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction : A quick and easy confirmation process enhances the overall customer experience.
  • Streamlined Workflow : Integration with the Odoo Inventory app ensures that a delivery order is automatically created upon order confirmation and payment, further automating the workflow.


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1) Activate Online Signature : This step involves enabling the online signature functionality within the Odoo Sales application, a crucial feature for digitizing the sales process. By activating this feature, manufacturing companies can streamline their sales operations, allowing for electronic signatures on important documents such as sales quotations and contracts. This not only speeds up the process but also adds a layer of convenience and security.

2) Customer Access : In this phase, customers are given access to an online portal, a user-friendly interface where they can view and sign quotations. This portal is part of the Odoo system and provides a secure and efficient way for customers to review their orders. By using this portal, customers can easily access their documents from anywhere, at any time, enhancing the customer experience and expediting the sales cycle.

3) Signature Options : When signing documents, customers are presented with multiple options for their electronic signature. They can choose to automatically generate a signature (Auto), manually draw their signature using a mouse or touchscreen (Draw), or upload an existing signature image (Load). This flexibility ensures that the signing process is convenient for all users, regardless of their technical proficiency or available resources.

5) Order Confirmation and Payment : After the customer signs the quotation, they are immediately presented with payment options. This seamless transition from signing to payment facilitates a quicker sales process. Once the payment is processed, the order is officially confirmed. This integration of signing and payment processes not only enhances efficiency but also improves the overall customer experience by making the transaction smooth and straightforward.

5) Automatic Delivery Order Creation : The final step involves the integration of the Odoo Sales application with the Odoo Inventory app. This integration automates the creation of delivery orders once a sale is confirmed. It eliminates the need for manual entry, reducing the likelihood of errors and speeding up the delivery process. This automation ensures that the products are dispatched promptly and accurately, leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Odoo 17’s online signature feature is a significant stride in the digital transformation of manufacturing companies. It simplifies and accelerates order confirmations, directly impacting production efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we specialize in implementing, customizing, and migrating to the latest Odoo versions, including Odoo 17. Our expertise ensures that manufacturing companies can seamlessly transition to utilizing these advanced features, enhancing their operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for more insights on leveraging Odoo 17 for your manufacturing business.

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