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How Migrating to Odoo 17 Can Drastically Reduce Your IT Overheads [Trimming the Fat]

Stepping up to Odoo 17 could be your master stroke in diminishing the relentless IT overheads that have been nibbling at your budget. 

This latest version of the reputable open-source ERP and CRM software isn’t merely a software upgrade; it’s a discerning business move aimed at automating and streamlining operations to substantially curtail costs. 

Transitioning to Odoo 17 is similar to hiring a top-notch business ally dedicated to honing your processes, making them as lean and efficient as possible. 

The charm of this shift is the immediate alleviation you’ll experience as your IT overheads begin to dwindle, freeing up more resources for growth-focused initiatives.

With Odoo 17, you’re not just trimming the fat, but you’re also injecting a new level of operational efficiency into your business framework. 
It’s not merely about cost-cutting, but harnessing a tool that catalyzes smoother, smarter operations

As you migrate, you’re not just swapping software; you’re elevating your business onto a platform of enhanced competitiveness and financial sagacity, setting the stage for sustainable success with a significantly lighter IT load to bear.


1) Streamlined Workflows
Odoo 17 enhances user navigation with a refined UI/UX, alongside keyboard shortcuts for easier record selection, streamlining data handling​.
Keeping list and Kanban column headers visible while scrolling improves data readability, aiding in more efficient workflow management​​.
2) Automated Processes
The streamlined operations in Odoo 17 are likely to minimize manual input, indirectly aiding automation. These improvements aim at liberating users from mundane tasks, boosting overall productivity and user experience.
3) User-Friendly Interface
Odoo 17 introduces a much-awaited Dark Mode, providing an appealing alternative interface, ideal for low-light environments and contributing to a more user-friendly experience​6.
The revamped UI boasts a fresh, modern look with updated design elements and improved usability, making the learning curve drastically reduced and ensuring swift adoption across your organization.


1) Unified Platform : Odoo 17 is a cohesive platform that integrates all crucial business operations, from CRM to sales, and project management to e-commerce, facilitating real-time data sharing and seamless processes.

2) Third-Party Integrations : Extend your operational prowess with seamless third-party integrations that Odoo 17 supports, making it a versatile asset for modern enterprises.


1) Reduced Software Subscription Costs | Open-Source Model 
Say goodbye to license fees. Odoo’s open-source model is a breath of fresh financial air, especially if you’re entangled in multiple software subscriptions.
2) Reduced Hardware Costs | Cloud-Based Operability
Odoo 17 is cloud-based, eliminating the need for on-premise hardware. The savings extend to electricity, cooling and maintenance costs.
3) Reduced IT Support Costs
The user-friendly nature of Odoo 17 requires less IT support, translating to significant cost savings, especially if you have an in-house IT support team.
With over 15 years of Odoo expertise, Pragmatic Techsoft is your trusted partner in navigating the migration to Odoo 17. Our seasoned team offers a free consultation to understand your specific needs and develop a tailored migration plan. A seamless transition with minimal downtime is what we aim for.

Migrating to Odoo 17 is an astute move towards reducing IT overheads and fortifying your operational efficiency. The rich features, coupled with the support from Pragmatic Techsoft, makes this migration a strategic asset for your business.

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