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How Odoo can help you start your Business in the UAE [The Rise of Drop Shipping]

Drop shipping has emerged as a popular business model in the UAE, offering entrepreneurs a low-risk, low-investment approach to e-commerce. 

By partnering with suppliers who handle the inventory and fulfillment, drop shippers can focus on marketing, customer service and building their brand, without the hassle of managing physical inventory.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a thriving hub for entrepreneurs, with a booming eCommerce market projected to reach a staggering USD 48.6 billion by 2025 [Source]. 

 This growth is fueled by the country’s tech-savvy population, robust infrastructure and favorable government policies that encourage entrepreneurship.

As an aspiring entrepreneur in the UAE, you might be considering the exciting world of drop shipping to launch your eCommerce business. But how do you navigate the complexities of inventory management, supplier relationships and customer service? 

This is where Odoo, a powerful open-source ERP solution, steps in to become your secret weapon.


Drop shipping offers a compelling business model for those starting out in eCommerce. Here’s why it’s particularly attractive in the UAE –

1) Low investment : You don’t need to hold physical inventory, minimizing upfront costs and storage space requirements.

2) Scalability : Easily expand your product range without worrying about managing stock levels.

3) Flexibility : Test different products and target markets with minimal risk.

4) Focus on marketing & sales : Dedicate your resources to building brand awareness and attracting customers.

However, drop shipping also comes with challenges. 

Managing multiple suppliers, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining clear communication with customers are crucial for success. Odoo simplifies this complexity here!

Odoo  Your all-in-one platform for streamlining your UAE dropshipping business

Odoo 17, the latest iteration of this versatile ERP, boasts a suite of features that empowers your drop shipping business in the UAE :

  1. Inventory Management : While you don’t hold physical stock, Odoo lets you create virtual product listings, manage supplier information and track order fulfillment efficiently.
  2. Purchase orders : Automate the creation of purchase orders to your suppliers as soon as a customer places an order. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures timely product shipments.
  3. Delivery management : Integrate Odoo with popular UAE-based courier services like Emirates Post or Aramex for seamless order tracking and delivery updates for your customers.
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) : Manage customer interactions effectively, handle inquiries promptly and build strong customer relationships – a critical aspect in the competitive eCommerce landscape.
  5. Reporting & Analytics : Gain valuable insights into sales performance, product popularity and supplier reliability through comprehensive reports and dashboards. Odoo allows you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your business strategy.
  6. Localization : Odoo offers built-in Arabic language support and the ability to integrate with local payment gateways like Cash on Delivery (COD) popular in the UAE, catering to the specific needs of your target audience.

As your drop shipping business flourishes in the UAE, Odoo 17 scales with you. Here are some advanced features to explore –

  • Marketing automation : Design targeted email campaigns and social media promotions to reach the right customers and boost sales.
  • Website integration : Integrate your Odoo back-end with your eCommerce website platform for a seamless flow of product information, order processing, and customer data.
  • Multi-warehouse management : If you decide to expand into holding your own inventory in the future, Odoo can manage stock levels across multiple warehouses in the UAE.

A Step-by-Step Guide to configuring Dropshipping in Odoo 17

  1. Enable the Dropshipping feature : Navigate to Purchase > Configuration > Settings and activate the Dropshipping checkbox.
  2. Configure products : Mark products as dropshippable in their product settings.
  3. Set up suppliers : Create vendor profiles in the Purchase app, specifying their product prices and lead times.
  4. Automate purchase orders : Odoo automatically generates purchase orders to your suppliers upon receiving customer orders.

The UAE’s eCommerce landscape is dynamic, and navigating the intricacies of Odoo can be challenging. 

At Pragmatic Techsoft, our team of Odoo experts possesses in-depth knowledge of the platform and the specific requirements of businesses operating in the UAE. We offer a comprehensive range of Odoo services, including –

  • Odoo implementation : We guide you through the entire Odoo setup process, tailoring it to your unique drop shipping business needs.
  • Customization : Our developers can customize Odoo functionalities to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and workflows.
  • Training & support : Our team provides comprehensive training to empower your staff to leverage Odoo’s functionalities effectively. We also offer ongoing support to ensure your drop shipping operations run smoothly.

Stay tuned to our blogs for ongoing insights on optimizing your Odoo drop shipping operations and maximizing your success in the UAE’s dynamic eCommerce landscape.

Contact our team today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how Pragmatic Techsoft’s Odoo expertise can propel your business to new heights.


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