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How to Optimize Odoo for better Performance?

Odoo has become a leading enterprise software for small and medium businesses globally.  For any business to use odoo it must run fast  with quick response times. It has been increasingly used not only in small businesses  with 5 to 10 users but also in mid and large organizations which have hundreds of users. Also some companies have been using odoo for several years and it contains a very large database which can slowdown the performance.

Pragmatic worked on Odoo optimization for  mid sized organizations with hundreds of users and millions of database records.

We were able to optimize the business process inside Odoo by using various tools and techniques that are listed below.


Tools & Techniques

  • Jmeter with selenium for performance testing
  • Odoo’s Profiler python package for checking execution of time
  • Server wide optimized configuration
  • Using a good server with good capabilities of handling request
  • SQL Execution
  • Python coding techniques
  • Flowchart to understand complicated logic


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