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How to Use Odoo 17 to Increase the Shelf Life of Food Products Through Better Supply Chain Management?

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The food sector is constantly evolving, driven by consumer hunger for freshness and quality. 

In this dynamic landscape, Odoo 17 stands out as a vital tool for food businesses to uphold these demands. It’s more than software; it’s a strategy enabler, a watchdog for waste reduction and a champion for cost savings. 

This blog will dissect how Odoo 17’s cutting-edge supply chain management features can be the lifeblood of food longevity. 

By embracing Odoo 17, businesses are not just improving operations—they’re investing in the future of food, ensuring that every product is a benchmark of freshness and every consumer experience is exceptional.


  1. Inventory Management Made Smarter : With Odoo 17, businesses gain visibility into their inventory’s pulse. Real-time tracking prevents the costly misstep of overstocking and understocking, which can lead to spoilage and shortages.
  2. Streamlined Order Processing : Odoo 17 transforms order management into a swift, error-free process. Automated systems expedite the journey from order to delivery, reducing the time food spends in transit.


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  1. Implementing SCM in Odoo 17 : Tailor the SCM module to fit the unique structure and needs of your business.
  2. Data Entry and Management : Accurately enter and manage inventory data to keep a tight ship and prevent the drift of products into obsolescence.
  3. Operational Excellence : Activate Odoo 17’s SCM to oversee the full spectrum of supply chain activities, from inventory to delivery.
  4. Continuous Improvement : Use Odoo’s analytics to perpetually refine processes, ensuring that your SCM becomes increasingly efficient.

Practical Example : A Dairy Company’s Use of Odoo 17

Imagine a dairy company using Odoo 17 to keep milk fresh. By setting precise inventory levels and using data to anticipate demand, the company ensures milk is stocked and rotated efficiently, increasing its shelf life.

A dairy enterprise can leverage Odoo 17’s capabilities to extend the durability of their dairy offerings by employing the system in several key areas :

  1. Stock Control : By harnessing Odoo 17 for vigilant oversight of milk product levels, a dairy firm can avert shortages and maintain adequate supplies. Configuring thresholds for inventory ensures a balance, preventing excess that leads to spoilage while meeting consumer needs efficiently.
  2. Order Fulfillment and Dispatching : Streamlining order entry and delivery operations through Odoo 17 can expedite the transit of goods from dairy to retailer. Monitoring deliveries in progress with Odoo’s tools allows for swift intervention in case of any dispatch issues, ensuring timely resolution.
  3. Route Planning for Deliveries : Optimizing logistics with Odoo 17 not only speeds up delivery but also contributes to preserving the freshness of dairy products. With the software’s tracking features, real-time updates on transportation ensure any hitches are quickly detected and managed.
  4. Product Quality Assurance : Odoo 17 aids in upholding high standards of product safety and excellence. Setting and adhering to rigorous quality benchmarks, conducting consistent inspections, and recording outcomes facilitates proactive measures to rectify any detected quality concerns.

Pragmatic Techsoft is adept at Odoo implementation and upgrades, ensuring that businesses like yours can leverage the full suite of Odoo 17’s Supply Chain Management capabilities to boost the shelf life of food products. Check our Manufacturing Module for more details. 


Stay connected with Pragmatic Techsoft for more practical insights on using Odoo 17 to keep your food business ahead of the curve. 

With our expertise, watch your operations thrive and your food stay fresher, longer.


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