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What Are the Best Practices for Real-Time Inventory Tracking of Perishable Goods with Odoo 17?

odoo latest version
Imagine biting into a crisp apple, tasting a fresh slice of bread or enjoying a dairy product just when it’s perfectly ripe. 

That’s the experience businesses strive to deliver with perishable goods, and it’s exactly what Odoo 17‘s cutting-edge inventory tracking is designed for. 

This blog will unveil how Odoo 17 ensures your perishables are tracked, managed, and moved with unprecedented precision and timeliness. 

Let’s peel back the layers of real-time inventory management with Odoo 17, and reveal how it can transform perishable goods tracking from a logistical challenge into a competitive advantage.


The race against time begins once perishable goods leave the farm. 

Odoo 17 equips you with the precision to win this race, offering real-time inventory levels, location tracking, expiry alerts and detailed reports. 

This isn’t just about keeping stock fresh; it’s about ensuring that every sale delivers quality to your customers.


Odoo 17 is a multi-faceted tool that serves various teams in manufacturing:

odoo latest version
Odoo 17 is a multi-faceted tool that serves various teams in manufacturing:
1) Purchasing : The purchasing team can forecast demand, automate orders and track deliveries, ensuring that stock replenishment is both timely and accurate.
2) Warehousing : Warehouse staff benefit from a system that not only tracks inventory location but also manages stock based on expiration dates, ensuring a first-expiry-first-out approach.
3) Production : The freshest ingredients are always at hand for the production team, with real-time tracking that aids in planning and reduces waste.
4) Sales : Sales personnel rely on Odoo 17 to provide accurate inventory data, ensuring that customer orders are fulfilled with the freshest products available.


To harness the full potential of Odoo 17 for perishable goods, consider these practices :

  • SET UP ALERTS : Product alerts prevent stockouts and spoilage by notifying you in advance, allowing for proactive inventory management.
  • IMPLEMENT SCANNING : Barcodes and QR codes reduce errors and time spent during stock updates, ensuring that your inventory data is a mirror reflection of your physical stock.
  • INVENTORY SYNC : Automatically adjust inventory levels on your e-commerce site with Odoo 17 integration after each sale to provide real-time product availability.
  • INSIGHTFUL REPORTING : Utilize Odoo 17’s detailed reports to monitor and optimize the flow of perishable goods in your inventory.

Let’s consider this example :

A food manufacturer uses Odoo 17 to keep their milk supply at optimum levels. 

Alerts ensure they reorder before dipping below 100 gallons, while barcode scans upon delivery keep inventory data current. 

This synergy between physical stock and digital records is the linchpin of efficient inventory management.

Real-time inventory tracking with Odoo 17 is an essential strategy for any business dealing with perishables. 

Follow the best practices discussed to enhance your operations and join us at Pragmatic Techsoft for more insights into leveraging Odoo 17 to keep your offerings fresh and your customers satisfied. Peek into our Manufacturing Module and Connect with our team to get the details!

Trust Pragmatic Techsoft for unparalleled Odoo solutions. We excel in migrating to the latest Odoo versions, ensuring a seamless transition and enhanced functionality. 

Stay connected for more updates and expert insights on Odoo 17.


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