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How to integrate Application Monitoring tool New Relic with Odoo?

Odoo can experience slowness in some of the pages as the numbers of concurrent users increase. This challenge is to identify which pages are loading slowly. This can be solved using Application Monitoring tools such as New Relic.The health of your applications can have a big effect on your business. So it’s essential to consider the bottom-line impact that visibility into your application performance can have on your organization.

Newrelic is a web application performance service designed to work in real-time with your live web app. New Relic Infrastructure provides flexible, dynamic server monitoring.
By providing real-time insight to your applications, New Relic APM can help optimize your software to reduce costly downtime

Pragmatic has been able to successfully integrate the newrelic app with the odoo platform and it’s quite a useful and handy tool for developers as well as the system administrators which helps them identify the loopholes, unidentified bugs, performance issues, tracking of the various transactions etc of the system.

In this blog we will discuss steps and configuration needed to integrate newrelic agent with odoo and required packages, generating license file and at last some monitoring.

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